10 tips for picking the best name for your new business

Shakespeare said “What’s in a name?” but every business owner and entrepreneur knows that a name can be very important.

Your business name is the first thing people see and the main thing people remember about your business, so it has to be awesome. You want a name that outlines what you do, that is engaging and memorable, and that isn’t going to come back and bite you further down the line.

How to choose a business name

In addition, your domain name is usually the same as your business name, so you need to consider how easy it is to find, and what it would look like when which you remove everywhere between the words. A local cab company that had been around for years found the hard way when the internet appeared and they had to get a website; the company was called S. Express, which is okay to get rid of the time and place.

How do you choose the name of your business?

All in all, in fact it is easy to buy the perfect habitat, but there are many other things to consider, such as But you don’t have to hire Shakespeare to do something that suits your business. Try these tools and tricks to create a name you are comfortable with.

1. Be original

Before you get tied to any business name, make sure no one else got it first. You might think Short Cuts is a pretty amazing name for a hair salon, but maybe someone in the next neighborhood thought the same.

While business name generator help you come up with ideas, they won’t always tell you if anyone else has already used it. Do a thorough internet search for your prospective business name and the versions on it.

2. Keep it wide

It’s a shame to choose a name that accurately describes your business, but be careful about anything too narrow. You may be starting out as Nate’s Lawn Care, but one day you could expand into landscape and pavement gardening, or plant nursery and conservatory wing.

By then everyone is already known as Nate’s Lawn Care, so you could lose name recognition if you change your business name. But if you don’t, you could be missing out on a business, because pavement buyers won’t mind looking at Nate Lawn Care.

3. Stay simple

Many cool domain names they are awful at first glance, but difficult to remember or spell correctly. Avoid unexpected spelling for common words, like Myke instead of Mike. it may look very neat, but people seem to forget how to spell it when entering your URL.

Similarly, avoid puns like Pale instead of Pail, or Write instead of Correct, and choose names that are spelled as they sound. Domain names with links or times are also a bad idea, like Top_Accountant, since you’re much more likely to send people to your competitor who got the domain without the punctuation.

4. Keep it short

The best business and land names are both short and sweet. Facebook, Twitter, Uber, IBM, Nike, and many more businesses have one-word names. Companies with longer official names, such as TGI Friday, tend to get acquainted with just one name as Friday.

5. Enter your location

Adding your location to your business or domain name can make it more interesting and recognizable. “Greens of Highgate” is much more memorable and better than “Organic Fruit Boxes,” for example. It is also great for local SEO.

Zoning applies to your domain name as well. It is best to go for the .com version of your business name if you can, as .com addresses are seen as more reliable and authoritative. But if you are aiming for a specific geo, such as Germany or Australia, use the local domain like .de or .au to improve your local credentials.

6. Consider other languages

If you are setting up a business in an area with a large population that speaks a different language, run your potential name past a native speaker before promising anything. Google Translate is not good enough; he is unfamiliar with slang, and gets many consistently wrong words as it is.

Think of the Polish chocolate snack Fart Bar. The company may not be worried that Americans wouldn’t buy it, but you might be worried if your Spanish target market is avoiding your business because they can’t bring themselves to name .

7. Be descriptive

One of the best ways to start your name search mission is by considering specific words that describe your business. Try to create 3-5 words that summarize your service, product, brand promise, or USP. Sometimes you come up with the perfect name just by combining a couple of them in the right way, like Shaggy Dog Grooming.

8. Say it loud

Many people do brainstorming in writing, or by submitting ideas to business or domain name generators, but it’s important to name the names you might have as well. high to read them.

Some names look awful on paper, but when you say them you realize they feel awful or confused. This is especially true of words that have more than one spelling, such as pour / pore / poor, or business names with numbers such as “number1lawyers”, which could be number1lawyers.com or NumberOneLawyers.com

9. Go Premium

If you’re not feeling creative and your meditation sessions are leaving you with nothing, consider going with a professional marketplace for domain and business names such as Change. These marketers bought large areas and added basic branding that could be relevant to your business thus eliminating the need to create a logo or color palette for your business.

10. Look at a second (and third) idea

When you look at name choices for too long, they start to come together and you stop noticing what kind of effect they have on your brain. Maybe that’s what happened when someone came up with Analtech. It is essential to test your intended name on new minds.

Another reason is that some names evoke an emotional response that you may not have negotiated with, especially people from a minority or religious culture. For that reason alone, it’s best to run past a diverse group of testers before making a commitment.

Announcing your new business does not have to be difficult

With so many problems, you may be wondering how to ever come up with the right business name, but don’t worry. If it doesn’t hit you suddenly at 3am one night, then think of descriptive words, describe your location, and look for ways to keep it simple, short, original and broad to help you get what you need. you are looking for.

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