How to collapse/expand tab groups in Chrome

Tabbed browsing has changed the way users browse the internet. With tabs, users can move between different pages that are open without having to move between windows.

Tablet browsing has been great but many users open one too many tabs, and they are often opened across multiple windows. Tab management in today’s browsers is often a challenge not only in terms of keeping things organized but also in terms of managing system resources.

Collapse / expand tab groups in Chrome

Chrome introduced Tab groups a while back. At the time, this feature was just a visual way to combine tabs. Tabs within a group were folded together through a color-coded border.

Tab groups are still an experimental feature and the visual is nice for keeping track of related tabs but if you want to be able to manage tab groups, you should allow the tab groups that fall and appear. ‘expansion.

Enable groups to drop / expand tab

To drop / expand tab groups, you need to have tab groups. These steps cover both enabling tab groups and enabling the drop-down feature for them.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Enter the following in the URL bar and tap Enter.
  1. Look for the following two flags using the check bar.
Tab groups
Tab groups collapse
  1. Open the fall down next to each flag, and select Enabled.
  2. Relaunch Chrome.

  1. Once Chrome rebroadcasts, open a few tabs.
  2. Right click on tab and select Add a tab to the group.
  3. Give the name group.
  4. Add at least two records to a group.
  5. Click on the tab group name to drop the tabs innte.
  6. Click on the tab group name again to expand the tabs.

Download dropped tabs in Chrome

The drop down tabs are easy to extend and, depending on how you browse and work, you may need to have the tabs available at all times. However, if you are ok with the tabs in a group reloading when the group is expanded, you should allow the tab to freeze.

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Enter the following in the URL bar and tap Enter.
  1. Look for a a banner called Tab Groups Collapse Freezing.
  2. Open the fall down next to and select Enabled.
  3. Relaunch Chrome.
  4. When you drop a group tab, the tabs will be downloaded.

Why download tabs?

If you are wondering why tabs need to be downloaded, it has to do with freeing up system resources. Chrome takes a huge toll on system resources and reducing the number of open tabs is the only way to control Chrome. It allows the browser itself to run more smoothly. Be warned that you may lose unauthorized form data in this way.

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