How to create a Facebook Messenger Room

Facebook Messenger is not used for work. This is the messaging tool we use for casual conversation. With online meeting tools now gaining more users, this is another niche for which the Messenger app can be used. Q Facebook Messenger Room.

Facebook messenger room

Facebook messenger rooms are basically online meeting rooms; You can create Facebook web interface, Messenger web interface, Facebook app for iOS and Android and Messenger app for iOS and Android.

A room is connected to a person and is not designed for a subject. You can open a room that has a link or invite specific people. If you make it with Facebook / Messenger app then you can have better control over the audience of a room.

1. Create Facebook Messenger Room – Web

You can create a Facebook Messenger group from the web interface.

  1. go to Facebook (Make sure you are signed in).
  2. Click inside New post box
  3. Click the purple webcam icon (You can see the ‘Room’ section above the ‘Right’ button just below the new post box. You can click to make it a room).

  1. Choose Room activity, Set a time When the room is active, and Choose whom you want to invite.
  2. Click on ‘Create Room’, And everyone you invite will receive an invitation to join the room.

To make a room Directly in Messenger;

  1. Press Messenger icon in the top right.
  2. Press Video icon
  3. a A new window will open.

  1. Will ask for a new window Access to webcam and mic. Provide it
  2. Share link Whoever you want to invite, or Click the ‘Edit’ button and select your audience.
  3. if you need to Change your video and audio settings, click the cogwheel button in the top right.

2. Create Facebook Messenger Room – Apps

You can create Facebook Messenger Room from both Facebook app and Messenger app.

1. Facebook App

  1. Open up Facebook app.
  2. Press Purple webcam button to make a room.
  3. Choose an activity, a time, and then choose the one you want to invite.
  4. when you Click Next, Invitations will be sent to all participants.

2. Messenger App

  1. Open up Messenger app.
  2. Go to People tab.
  3. Tap Create a room
  4. Share a link By tapping the room ‘share Link’.
  5. Change audience By room Tapping ‘Who can join’.

3. Room except one room

You can leave a room but it will remain active. When someone joins the room, you will get an alert. When you finish a room though, no one can join it.

The conclusion

Facebook Messenger Room does not require participants to be on Facebook. If you share a link to the group and set it so that anyone with the link can join, you will be able to invite anyone and everyone.

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