How to edit audio in the browser

Editing audio or video files is a resource-heavy task. This is not going to stop your system, but the app you use to process audio and video needs to be able to handle processing well so that it does not burden the system. A system with average hardware can easily edit audio and video.

Edit audio in browser

Desktop apps are more powerful than web apps and when it comes to editing audio, powerful desktop apps like Audacity should be used. That said, if you need an online tool for a job, you can Edit audio in a modern browser Together AudioMass.

  1. Go to AudioMass In your browser. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Chromium Edge.
  2. Drag and drop the audio file you want to edit on the app’s interface. A wavelength will appear to represent the audio file.
  3. After adding the file, Use cut, copy, paste and insert the Silence tool to edit it.
  4. AudioMass also supports some effects For example, fade in, fade out, compressor, normalize, delay, distortion, speed up / speed down, etc. Unfortunately, this does not have the effect to reduce background noise.
  5. Once you are After editing the audio file, you can download / export it. Go for File> Export / Download.
  6. Select either Mp or wav As a format to export the edited audio file, Select a bitrate, select the channels, and click Export. You can do this Export an entire file or only a selected part of it.

Audiomas vs audacity

AudioMass is not as good as Audacity, for the features it has to offer but, it can be a recording tool and a good job at that. In fact, browsers are able to easily detect mics so that you can use AudioMass to create a quick audio recording on the go. There are a lot of features where it is lower than Audacity but for a basic audio editing tool, it is exceptional.

The conclusion

Video editors have become somewhat common on desktop and mobile platforms, but the same cannot be said for audio editing apps. Windows 10 ships with a basic video editing tool that is part of the Photo app. A similar tool is not available for audio editing. The stock voice recorder app on Windows 10 is very minimal and more suitable for use on mobile devices and not desktops. If you need to do basic audio editing, AudioMass is perfect for the job. You can access it anytime, anywhere and no installation is required.

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