How to FIX Chrome Remote Desktop Not Working (Tutorial)

When it comes to system troubleshooting, remote access is an incredible tool and is not physically accessible. Unfortunately, setting up a remote connection between two computers is not always easy, especially if the two systems are running different operating systems. There are many apps that aim to make this easy, but none are as close as Chrome Remote Desktop Tools.

Chrome remote desktop

The Chrome Remote Desktop app is nine years old and can compete with many remote access solutions. It runs in the Chrome browser and also exists as a standalone app.

When setting up a connection with Chrome Remote Desktop Tools, you need the following:

  • Active internet connection on both systems.
  • Chrome is installed on both systems.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop Tools installed on both systems and logged in to the same Google account.

It’s easy to set up, but you may not be able to establish a connection.

Fixed: Chrome Remote Desktop does not work

The great thing about Chrome Remote Desktop is that it’s very easy to set up. If that doesn’t work, that is, if you can’t establish a connection between your computers, it’s very easy to fix. Try all of the following:

1. Check the connection

Internet connections on both the host and remote system must be stable. Make sure your system has internet access and ask someone to do the same on the remote system.

  1. Open command line tool Open a command prompt on systems such as Windows 10 and a terminal on macOS.
  2. Execute fThe following command.

For Windows 10;

ping -t


ping -t 20
  1. check Variance of time values. If the numbers fluctuate rapidly, your internet connection may be unstable or you may have problems communicating with your website. Troubleshoot the connection.

2. Uninstall and reinstall Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop Tools is nearly a decade old, but because it’s a browser-based tool, you can run into all sorts of problems that prevent you from establishing a connection. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app often resolves the issue.

  1. open Control panel.
  2. go to Programs> Uninstall a program.
  3. Find Chrome Remote Desktop Tool A list of installed programs, and Select it.
  4. click Uninstall button.
  5. Allow the app to be uninstalled.
  6. Reboot the system.
  7. Install Chrome Remote Desktop, Please try the connection again.

3. Use Chrome Remote Desktop web app

Chrome Remote Desktop exists as a standalone app and works via a browser. If you can’t connect to the remote system via the app, try the Chrome web app.

  1. Open chromium.
  2. Access this link..
  3. Sign in with Google account.
  4. Select system Connecting.

4. Remove the system and add it again

  1. Open Chrome Remote Desktop on the host system.
  2. Find out The remote system you are trying to connect to.
  3. Click the trash can icon Next to the (Disable remote connection) button.
  4. If you delete it Set up Remote Desktop again on the remote system.
  5. When The remote system will reappear on the host system’s Chrome Remote Desktop and select it to connect.

5. Connect without PIN

All systems added to Chrome Remote Desktop have a PIN that is used to authenticate the connection. This PIN may not work. Try using the code instead.

  1. so Remote system, open Chrome Remote Desktop..
  2. go to Chrome Remote Desktop tab.
  3. click “Generate Code” button.
  4. Share code With someone trying to connect remotely to the system.
  5. so Open the host system, Chrome Remote Desktop.
  6. go to Remote Support tab.
  7. Please enter the shared code [Give Support]With you in the field.
  8. To give permission The connection to be established.

6. Check permissions

Certain permissions are required for Chrome Remote Desktop Tools to work. Windows 10 requires all permissions during installation. On macOS, permissions are only required when needed. Make sure you give the tool all the required permissions, regardless of the system you are using, and then try to establish a connection.

7. Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN on your host or remote system, turn it off. This tool can have problems establishing a stable connection while the VPN is running. It’s also possible that you’re having problems with your VPN or that it doesn’t work well with remote access tools. Try turning it off and connecting.


Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the easiest cross-platform remote access tools. Problems can occur from time to time, but troubleshooting is easy. With complex remote access tools like TeamViewer, users will have unfamiliar network settings just by configuring the tools. Troubleshooting such tools can be frustrating. It may take a few attempts to use Chrome Remote Desktop, but otherwise it provides a stable connection and the connection problem remains.

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