How to Subtract in Google Sheets (Full Guide)

Internet browsers are becoming increasingly powerful, providing the ideal framework for web applications to thrive. These web apps are basically applications that you can use, without ever having to download anything to your PC, thus saving you hard storage space, the integrity of your recordings, and more.

One perfect example of a common web app Google Sheets, part of the Google Drive Suite, and a great alternative to Microsoft Excel, an established tool that would otherwise cost you a lot. Well, Google Sheets is designed to be just as efficient as Microsoft Excel, or at least it manages to include all of the basic tools that Excel has.

Of course, the two results share a very common UI design, and even a similar color motif, although Google Spreadsheets wants to identify itself as a much simpler tool.

How to remove in Google pages

Since we are talking about spreadsheets, we should also talk about what you can do with such tools.

At the heart of their work, tools like this help to push numbers, whether addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or even more complex mathematical equations.

In today’s article, we’ll show you just how you can go ahead and use Google Sheets to remove numbers in a fast and efficient way so that big data records don’t pose any problem to the your workflow.

How to remove in Google pages

  1. Prepare two columns, filling them with different numerical values
    • For the purpose of this tutorial, the values ​​in the first column should be larger than those in the second column
  2. Select the cell where you want the results to appear after removal
  3. In the same cell, start typing in “=
  4. Select the first cell of the first column
  5. Enter the “Image
  6. Select the corresponding cell from the second column
  7. Click Enter
  8. Once you have pressed Enter, the result is automatically placed in the cell where you wrote down the formula

Subtract multiple values ​​at once?

Once you have completed the steps above, it is very likely that you are wondering if you need to do this one by one for each series, to the very bottom. The answer is no.

All you have to do to display the subtraction results for all the other rows is just drag the first cell that contains a result with the bottom right hand corner, and then fill in with the correct values.

Why is Google Page Removal so Effective?

Since the data in each cell is updated automatically, every time you change the values ​​in column B or C, the subtraction results in column D also change.

In addition, the cells containing the subtraction formulas can be moved to a different row or column without you having to worry about changing the result.

This is because no matter where you place the formula cell, it still refers to the original B and C cells.

How do I display formulas in Google pages?

If you already have a spreadsheet with all the removal and additions done for you, but you know the exact formula, there are two ways to find out:

Method 1

  1. Click on the cell that contains the formula you want to scan
  2. Take a look at the Bar Fx as shown in the image below:

Method 2

Just double-click the appropriate cell, and the formula will appear as editable.

Note that these two methods are great for looking at all types of formulas, not just takeaways, so keep in mind how to use them, as you may need them frequently. .

Removing Google Pages: Closing Thoughts

Once again Google has delivered a very stable tool for individuals and companies, and they have all done without requiring payment of any kind.

Google Sheets is reliable, full-featured, always accessible from any browser, and you don’t even need a Google account to use it

Overall, using formulas in Google Sheets is not that hard at all, and we hope this article made things even clearer for you.

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