Hulu Live Vs. YouTube TV: Which One Should You Choose?

Pandemics have meant that we have to stay home longer than we go out. That’s why many of us need more than one streaming service to get hosted. Of the major streaming TV services, Hulu and YouTube TV are two of the most popular in terms of channels and features. Both offer a wide range of live channels, the ability to record shows to watch later, and several user profiles to stream simultaneously.

But they also have big differences. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the differences between Hulu Live vs YouTube TV to help you choose the right one for you.


The biggest difference between these two membership services is in the number of channels they offer. YouTube TV wins by 76 channels compared to 60 Hulu channels. But we all know it’s not the number of channels that make up membership, but the specific channels you want to access.

Both Hulu and YouTube TV offer the major national channels including Cartoon Network, ESPN, TBS, USA Network. Fox News, and the Disney Channel. Both of them also offer ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC in most of the United States.

All of them also offer many of the regional sports networks. But if sport is your main goal, you might want to go with YouTube TV over at Hulu. Hulu also gives you the option to add several high-quality channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz for additional fees. YouTube does not have additional channel packages, although you can add individual channels.


One of the main differences between the two is in the menus and the interface. YouTube TV, however, is much easier to use as it works just like a regular YouTube. You’ll also see a simpler structure with YouTube TV, especially when streaming on a browser or desktop app.

Hulu, on the other hand, updated the interface, introducing it to its competitors. It is now much easier to use and brighter. Most importantly, you can find the content you want to watch much easier.

It’s also worth noting that while YouTube TV lets you stream to three different devices at the same time, Hulu lets you stream to two. But Hulu also lets you stream to unlimited devices for an extra $ 10 per month.

YouTube TV has one other main advantage in terms of usability. It has one of the best Cloud DVR features of any streaming service. It offers unlimited storage compared to Hulu’s 50-hour cloud DVR at $ 55. You can upgrade the Hulu DVR to 200 hours for an additional $ 10 per month, but it doesn’t come with the ability to move through products exchange.

Original and on-demand sources

You can get on-demand TV shows and movies from participating networks on YouTube TV as well as YouTube Originals which are often commercially free. But in this regard, YouTube stops compared to Hulu.

With a Hulu Plus Live TV subscription, you can access the on-demand TV shows and movies available on Hulu’s standard service along with thousands of network TV shows. The service is also famous for some of his most interesting origins, including A Handmaid’s Tale, Catch-22, and Palm Springs. Hulu Plus Live TV subscribers can play $ 6 to remove the ads from on-demand shows, though you may not be able to remove all the ads from each show.

Which service should you choose?

Both YouTube TV and Hulu represent the best that the TV streaming industry has to offer. And since many of their actions are very similar, the one you choose comes down to choice. For most people, the number of TV channels accessible to them and the choice of channels is more important than the user interface.

In terms of channel selection, content, and usability, Hulu seems to be on the edge of YouTube TV. But Hulu offers more value for money, especially when you consider that Hulu Originals tends to be better. The choice is up to you, although it may be a good idea to go through the full channel list for both services to select the one with the specific content you want. Happy stream!

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