Is YouTube TV a Good Deal?

In 2020, some of us had to stay at home because of the pandemic-activated locks and, as a result, spent more time watching after-scenes. a suite of multiple video library services. Providers like Netflix, Sky, Disney +, and many more have established themselves as a membership service for our entertainment needs.

One such service is YouTube TV. In this article, we’ll examine whether this particular membership service is worth buying, and explore whether it’s good to explain what exactly it is and what it offers – and what it does offer. price. So is YouTube TV really good or not?

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a streaming product by Google that allows users to broadcast live and local sports as well as many other shows and news from some of the most popular and favorite TV channels. In fact, there are more than 85 channels available to consumers and in doing so, the company claims to offer “full local area network coverage in over 98% of U.S. TV homes. ”.

In addition, YouTube TV allows users to record TV shows and programs without storage limitations. In addition, one account includes six accounts which is good news for households with more than one user.

How much does YouTube TV cost?

You know if YouTube TV basically comes down to whether you can afford it. At the time of writing, it cost $ 64.99 per month for one membership package. As mentioned above, this includes six accounts, and Google says there are no additional hidden fees here – mostly because there is no cable box to install. It is important to remember that there is no contract either. That means you can unsubscribe from one month to the next, which is a flexibility that many traditional entertainment service providers don’t offer.

The company offers two free weeks of YouTube TV, meaning you can try the service first to see if you are making use of its unlimited channels and recording services. However, some taxes are partially hidden. Not all channels you want will be in the starter pack. Channels like Cinemax or HBO, for example, are available for an additional fee in addition to some sports networks like NBA League Pass.

Is YouTube TV worth it?

Going to the YouTube TV website page makes for a very compelling read when it comes to recommending if it’s a package worth signing up for. Certainly, when you compare it with some traditional services, it makes you think that you could go ahead and save a lot of money. Traditional services often have a starting price point that is higher than the $ 64.99 monthly fee on YouTube TV. In addition to that start-up cost, traditional services also charge for renting their box and using their registration services, and have high prices when it comes to storage. When combined with installation fees, traditional services can cost even higher.

However, just because YouTube TV seems to be better value for money compared to traditional services does not mean that it is worth paying for. Ask yourself if you actually use enough of these 85 channels to determine the cost. Need 6 free bills per household? Or the ability to stream simultaneously over three users? Your individual response needs to look at the list of channels to find out which ones you use regularly. If it’s scarce, will an even more basic service be cheaper – if it’s not free?

Getting YouTube TV – major takeaways

YouTube TV definitely has its advantages. It’s great to see a service like this offer unlimited cloud storage as well as multiple accounts and streaming capabilities. However, $ 64.99 per month is still a lot of money to put out on a regular basis, especially if you don’t make use of most of the channels. However, if you think it’s worth it, at least start with the lawsuit and you can “test” whether you’re using enough of these channels to cover the cost. to prove.

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