What Does ASL Mean on Omegle?

More than ever, more and more platforms and apps are being developed on the web that can be difficult to keep up with all of them. What can be even harder is keeping up with all the jargon within each particular app, platform or piece of software.

Omegle is one of those popular platforms – but it may not be fully understood. Here, we look at explaining what Omegle is and, in particular, what the term “ASL” means to Omegle and answering the question of whether Omegle is safe. By doing this individuals will be able to ensure that they use the site as efficiently as possible, and stay safe at all times. For this reason, we will explore the pros and cons of using Omegle as well.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a social networking website that allows users to chat with each other without the need to register or start an account. The site matches users up to each other who will remain anonymous to each other throughout the conversation.

What does ASL mean on Omegle?

ASL is commonly used on Omegle, but for newborn users, it may not be immediately obvious what it means or stands for. For the purpose of Omegle users, it’s a shorthand way of asking someone for their age, gender and location. Occasionally, people may also request an ASLO. The O in this situation calls for a person’s sexual orientation.

Benefits to Omegle

Omegle has many benefits and that is why it remains such a popular site. These include:


He is still a completely free cat. While many social networking sites are free, like the obvious behemoths Instagram or Facebook, sites that allow users to access adult content often require a subscription.


It is possible to use Omegle just for text chat with a stranger. For some, this may be just what they want, but for others there will be a huge benefit in video action. This part is unchanged which may be even closer to the needs of some users as well.


Many users will be attracted to the full name that Omegle provides. This is a great benefit for those who use the site but do not want to have any record of usage. Plus, some people don’t want to be in danger of being caught by the site.


Omegle is a popular social networking site. As a result, there are many users that you can randomly set to chat on each login. That means you are more likely to find someone you want to engage with for your own needs and desires.

Disadvantages for Omegle


Depending on how you look at it, the evaluation element of Omegle may be too harsh or not hard enough. For older people, they can be in control when they don’t want to be a constraint they could do without. However, for parents of children who have strayed from the site for more innocent means, moderation is required. But remember this: video chat is an unaltered part of the website.

Geo restrictions

Because of how Omegle users make the most of the website, it is subject to many geo restrictions around the world. In countries with less liberal governments, Omegle is largely banned. Many people use the site for sexual or pornographic purposes and governments, such as those of Saudi Arabia for example, want to question such content.

To be banned

It can very easily be banned by Omegle for many reasons. Prevention is not always permanent – although it is possible. However, it is also relatively easy to work around a ban using a VPN.


Omegle is still a popular chat site because it provides good access to people, which other sites often don’t do anymore. For this reason, it is often used for more mature purposes, which is why many parents are wary of giving children freedom to use it. However, for those who are older, it can be a great way to “meet” others while staying safe in their own homes. Knowing what terms like ASL means allows users to find other users to chat with who they can get along with the best ones.

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