How to automatically change the wallpaper for dark/light mode on iOS

iOS has a dark and light mode. The dark mode on iOS is fine but a lot of apps need to be supported. With iOS, Apple has been smart and has taken comments from what users have done with the light / dark mode that was implemented on macOS a year earlier.

On macOS, users have created scripts or used apps to automatically change the wallpaper based on their theme. On iOS, you can do this out of the box, with restrictions.

Wallpaper for dark / light mode on iOS

This works for both iOS and for iPadOS, and each has a light and dark mode.

  1. Open the Options app.
  2. go to Wallpaper
  3. Select the ‘Stills’ choice or the ‘Live’ option. No other choice.
  4. Choose wallpaper with the light / dark spherical image.
  5. Choose what you want to set the wallpaper; home screen, lock screen, or both.
  6. The wallpaper based on the subject will change that is used.


One major limitation to this is that only Apple-specific wallpapers can be used. So far, users cannot save third-party wallpapers that change based on the theme being used.

Currently, users have six Live wallpapers, and twenty-one icons yet to choose from. They offer a reasonable color range from dark gray / blue to bright orange / red. There are also a few pictures you can choose from.

It is unclear whether Apple is going to allow users to create their own images. The philosophy of Apple wallpapers is basically to change the wallpaper layout to lighter or darker tones but users may be okay with having two completely different wallpapers for their light and darken as long as the wallpaper is not blind at night or dim everything too much during the day.

If you find wallpapers that claim to be customizable with an iOS theme, you should be a little skeptical. Always go for a try-before-buy option in this case.


Apple has taken control of whether wallpapers can be changed automatically. It has greatly limited the feature. The only way to work around is to break a machine but machine wallpapers are not worth breaking over.

The wallpaper will change when you change the theme of your device manually and it will also change if you have changed the theme automatically based on time of day.

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