How to change the Instagram icon on your iPhone

The Instagram profile has undergone a number of changes over the years. The most notable change was the current image which was not liked by many users. Changing the app’s images isn’t easy and on an iPhone, it’s almost impossible to change an app’s image without crashing your phone, unless the app itself has an option to do so.

Change Instagram profile on iPhone

The Instagram app has a new Easter / egg feature that allows users to change the app’s image on the home screen. All you have to do is update the app to the latest version, and follow these steps to change the image.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to profile tab.
  3. Tap on the hamburger table image at the top right.
  4. Select Set from the table.
  5. On the Settings screen, drag down and release the screen.
  6. You will see a new menu to select the App Icon.

  1. Choose an image.
  2. The the profile of the app will be changed on the Home screen.

A brief history of Instagram images

The images you see on the app’s new image board contain old images used by Instagram, as well as color changes to its custom image.

  • The highlighted image The default image for Instagram is custom and has been in use since early 2016. The image was changed just four years ago and has been accepted by users for what it is.
  • The Class 2 image was the default image for Instagram between 2011 and 2016, almost five years and it was a bigger change than a new image since it replaced the old one.
  • The image with Classical name was the default image for Instagram between October 2010 to August 2011 and is easily one of the images that had the shortest lifespan.
  • The The original image is the image that Instagram first launched and it lasted only a few days. Instagram posted on October 6, 2010 by this image and by October 27, 2010, the Classic version was replaced.
  • The The prelaunch image is the codename image that Instagram that was used when the app was not released to the public and still was under development / beta. Most users have never seen this image but it did exist at some point in the app ‘s life.
  • It’s the other images you see modifications of the custom image with a single image that identifies Pride. None of these changes have ever been ‘official’ images for Instagram.


This new feature was added to mark the birthday of Instagram. The app has been around for a decade now. It’s unclear if the app’s image feature will remain or if it’s going to be for Instagram’s birthday month.

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