How to disable precise location in iOS 14

Privacy is a big focus on iOS 14. It didn’t include any key features beyond widgets and the App Library but it has changed how most permissions are managed for apps.

One key area where iOS 14 has changed is the information an app receives to the setting. Many apps on iOS require access to your location; camera apps, social media app, navigation apps, traffic reporting apps, and more. Not all apps require the same level of accuracy when it comes to your location.

Exact location vs. approximate location

On iOS 14, an app can get to your right location or it can get to your approximate location. The the approximate location is less accurate and it too it does not update as often as your exact location does.

The The approximate location is up to 10 square miles radius so that he can find out what country, city and neighborhood you are in.

Turn off the exact location on iOS 14

Detailed situation disabled on a base per app. You can change this setting for any app whenever you want but changing it will not remove any data previously collected by the app.

  1. Open the Options app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down the list of apps and select the app you want to remove detail space access for.
  3. Tap on the Choice of location.
  4. Turn the Turn off the exact setting.
  5. The the app will now get your approximate location instead of your exact location.

Limiting app capacity

Enables precise app setting it can limit capacity. In general, you need to provide such apps Google Maps, Uber, Lyft, Waze, etc., access to your right place. These apps, and other similar apps, will (think of any type of delivery app that picks up your address from where you are now) it will not be possible to operate if the information it holds is incorrect.

Other apps that do not provide instructions e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Chrome, weather apps, etc. do without the need for access to your right place. They can all do so with approximate circumstances.

For camera apps, you usually don’t have to give them the exact same place. They use the information and write it to the file metadata. The approximate location is as good as the exact location in this case.

Similarly, from a approximate place puts you within a 10 square mile radius of your true / exact location, weather apps and the like can do that to give you a weather report.

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