How to find an iPhone’s serial number

Apple admitted that it slows iPhones as their batteries age and they upgrade to newer versions of iOS. It provides users with a battery replacement program and equipment to determine when their device was slowed down for better performance. The company was eventually sued for the practice which has since been called Batterygate.

Apple lost the case and is now paying court-mandated compensation of $ 25 to the owners of the users / affected. To make this claim, you need to know the serial number of the iPhone if you have ever taken ownership of the set covered by the ruling. Here’s how you can find it.

iphone serial number

Find iphone serial number

We are going to describe several methods that you can use to find the serial number of your iPhone. Some work only if you have a set, while others can work even if the set is long gone.

Settings app

The serial number of the iPhone is basic hardware information and can be viewed from the Settings app.

  1. Open up Settings app On your iPhone
  2. Go for General> About Phone.
  3. Look for Serial arena And note the number.
  4. if you Press and hold On the number, you can Copy it to the clipboard.


If you still have Box that came in your iPhone lying around, see backside. It will have a sticker on it that tells you the model number, the year the device was manufactured, and its serial number.

Your Apple ID

If you have other Apple devices, you can use them to find iPhone serial numbers. You need to sign the same Apple ID that you used on the other phone.

On one iPhone or iPad;

  1. Open up Settings app.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID at top.
  3. Scroll down and Tap on the iPhone for which you want to find the serial number.

On Mac;

  1. Open up System Preferences App.
  2. Click on your Apple ID On the top line.
  3. Select iphone You want to see the serial number.

Linked devices

You can use devices linked to the Apple website.

  1. sign in With you Apple ID here.
  2. Scroll down Equipment section.
  3. Click iphone You want to find the serial number.

Device Performance Litigation Website

If you need to find the serial number of an iPhone to claim compensation from Apple, you can try the alternative method provided Official website for filing claims.

The conclusion

An iPhone’s serial number is used to track a device for all kinds of reasons. It is also used to track stolen devices, even if you are not filing a claim, it is a good idea to securely note this information about your iPhone (and iPad) somewhere. .

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