How to fix iPhone Camera Won’t Focus

The iPhone camera is not just good; This is one of the major selling points of the device that Apple brings from year to year. With each new model released, the camera on an iPhone is capable of capturing more detail, has better zoom, and its wide-angle lens captures more pixels. Its night-mode alone is amazing. That said, sometimes the camera fails to focus on giving you blurry photos.

Fix iPhone Camera Won’t Focus

Basic check

Before troubleshooting the iPhone camera through software settings, we need to determine if the problem is with your hardware.

  • Clean camera lens With a soft micro-fiber cloth. Make sure the lens is not scratched.
  • Have a good look inside the lens Make sure there are no dirt / goggles inside it.
  • Use a different camera app (Non-stock / third-party) and check if it is able to focus on the topic.
  • Try to Focus on objects at different distances. If the camera does not focus on objects that are too close to it, you can keep it very close. Ensure that it is held as far away as the focal length for the camera.
  • Try to take a photo Without phone cover. This can interrupt a sensor.
  • Restart iphone.

1. Manual Focus

The camera app can have trouble focusing on an object for various reasons; Light, the object itself, the background, etc. In this case, you can force it to focus on an item manually.

  1. Open up Camera app And Point to object You want to be photographed
  2. TAP item on camera view Where you want to focus it.
  3. a Yellow box will appear And indicate that Center point set
  4. Capture photo

2. Lock Auto Exposure and Auto Focus

When you take a photo with the stock camera app, it automatically adjusts focus and exposure when the photo is captured. If the camera is moving in and out of focus, you can lock the exposure and focus at that point, and then take a photo.

  1. Point camera at object You want to take a picture.
  2. Wait for Meditation.
  3. Tap and hold on camera viewer And this AE / AF lock message Will appear at the top.
  4. Once the exposure and focus are locked, Capture photo

3. Use a mount / tripod

The iPhone has image stabilization technology and works exceptionally well when you record video from a moving car. However this does not work for photographs. If your photo is blurry, consider using a mount or tripod to hold the phone. To take pictures of moving objects, it is still important to hold the phone.

4. Go away and then move closer

Sometimes the lens has trouble focusing because it cannot tell which object it is to focus on. You can try to change the angle a little while taking a photo.

  1. Put camera on object You want to be photographed
  2. Slowly Step back from That is, increase the distance between the lens and the object.
  3. Allow the camera to focus.
  4. move closer For doing this.
  5. Allow camera to focus On the object.
  6. Take a picture

5. Tap on the back

This fix has worked really well for iPhone 6 users, but it does not matter which model you own.

  1. Turn on your iphone So that the back is towards you.
  2. Tap back lightly with finger. Repeat this a few times.
  3. Restart the phone And try to take a picture.

6. Try a soft reset

While a restart will fix problems with an iPhone, it’s not going to fix everything. Try a soft reset (you won’t lose any data).

  1. On iPhone, Open the Settings app.
  2. Go for General> Reset.
  3. Tap on ‘Reset All Settings’.
  4. Restart the phone

7. Atomic Options

If nothing else works, you can reset the phone to its factory settings. Use iTunes to take a backup and then reset your iPhone to your factory settings. Use the backup to restore the iPhone.

The conclusion

iPhones have great hardware but are not impervious to damage. In fact, a new iPhone may have hardware issues. If your phone is new, you are well under warranty and can take the phone for repair. If it is old, try the above improvements. If the hardware is damaged and the phone is a few years old, then you have the option of taking it to Apple or a third party for fixing.

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