How to watch Netflix in Picture in Picture on iPhone

iOS 14 has a new Picture-in-Picture mode that allows users to play videos in a small, thumbnail size on their screen while using other apps. iPadOS got this feature last year, but it seems to be popular enough for Apple to add it to iOS.

Picture-in-picture mode

Picture-in-picture mode has become a staple on most devices and operating systems that can play video. Both Windows 10 and macOS have it, and so does Android.

On a mobile device, picture-in-picture mode usually requires two things; Operating system support and app support. iOS 14 is no different, but while it supports picture-in-picture mode, apps also need to add support for it.

For example, the YouTube app did not enable it for users who were not subscribed to its premium service, while Twitch and Netflix made it available to everyone.

1. Netflix picture-in-picture mode

To use Netflix in picture-in-picture mode, you need to use iOS 14.

  1. Open the Netflix app on your iPhone.
  2. Choose a title and play it.
  3. Once the title is played (in landscape mode), swing the player from the bottom up.
  4. The player will shrink to thumbnail size a hall display on top of other programs.

2. Switch to PiP from Control Center

If you’re having trouble with the ‘flashing’ gesture, there’s another way to enter picture-in-picture mode quickly and easily in iOS on iOS.

  1. Open up Netflix, and play a title.
  2. Once the title is played, swipe down and opens the Control Center.
  3. Select an app, e.g. Calculator.
  4. You will switch to the Calculator app and Netflix is ​​going into Picture-in-picture mode.

3. Minimize picture-in-picture mode

Photo-in-picture mode in iOS 14 is somewhat inspired by the multitasking features added to iPadOS last year.

  1. Play Netflix in picture-in-picture mode.
  2. Tap and drag the player to the edge from the screen and release it.
  3. The player will disappear / decrease with only a tab visible.
  4. Tap the tab again to show the player.

4. Exit Netflix Picture-in-Picture Mode

You can exit / close Netflix from Picture-in-picture, or you can return it to full screen.

  1. On close or close Netflix from Picture-in-Picture mode, tap the lock button links bo.
  2. On return to full screen mode, tap on the right bo of the player.

Other programs and picture-in-picture

Picture-in-picture mode works for web applications, that is, websites that can play video content. As with other applications, the browser must of course support this feature.

On iOS 14, Safari does support picture-in-picture mode, but YouTube can still block it. For other video playback sites, you can switch to picture-in-picture by following these steps.

  1. Play the video.
  2. Switch to full screen mode as soon as the video starts playing (tap the full screen icon).
  3. Once you are in full screen mode, tap the picture-in-picture icon links bo.

Follow these steps to exit a web application in full screen mode.

  1. Tap on the close button at top left to close the video player.
  2. Tap on the full screen button at the top right to return the player to his tab in Safari.


Netflix has quickly added photo-in-picture mode to its app, but YouTube is obviously going to hold out. The feature is limited for many reasons, not least to prevent users from playing YouTube in the background.

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