How to watch YouTube in picture-in-picture mode on iOS 14

IOS 14 has a picture-on-picture mode that works on any website that can play video. The only condition is that the website is accessed through Safari. Other apps, such as the Netflix app, support it so you can watch Netflix in picture-on-picture mode on your iPhone.

YouTube is one app that has consistently claimed to support picture-in-picture As for the official YouTube app, picture-in-picture remains a reserved feature for YouTube users. high quality.

The good news is that YouTube has done something for photo-photography and its mobile website. Previously, and we personally tested this, users could not watch YouTube video on YouTube mobile site in bigger picture. Now they can.

YouTubepicture-in-picture mode on iPhone

You need to be running iOS 14 for this to work.

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Visit the YouTube mobile website.
  3. Choose a video to play.
  4. Once the video plays, switch to full screen mode by tapping the full screen button at the bottom right of the player.
  5. Once in full screen mode, tap on the picture-on-picture button at the top left.
  6. The YouTube video switches to picture-in-picture mode, and you can use other apps on your iPhone while you’re watching.

Turn on YouTube picture-in-picture mode

To leave a YouTube video playing in picture-on-picture mode, follow these steps.

  1. Tap on the video to reveal his controls.
  2. Tap on the close button at the top left to close the video.
  3. Tap on the back button at the top right to return to the Safari tab playing the YouTube video.

Play YouTube in the background

The other great news, with this feature now enabled, is that you can easily play YouTube on the background. Here’s how.

  1. Open a Tab Safari.
  2. Navigate to the YouTube mobile website.
  3. Select and video game.
  4. Change to full screen.
  5. Tap on the picture-on-picture button at the top left.
  6. Return to the home screen on your iPhone.
  7. Lock the screen.
  8. Wake up the screen.
  9. Tap on the play button on the media widget.
  10. The video playback.


When we covered Netflix’s picture-on-picture mode, we guessed if YouTube would ever make it a non-core feature. The company seems to have made talent but what remains to be seen is whether the ability to play YouTube remains in the background, with the screen locked or not. YouTube tends to block and could go so far as to disable photo-on-picture mode for the mobile site if it cannot block replay.

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