Minecraft beacon recipe: construction and use

A beacon is a buildable object in Minecraft that is used as a signal and to influence mobs / entities eg speed, allow the entity to jump higher, increase attack speed, and more. A beacon is not easy to build, and once built, it will provide more resources to use if you want to get the most out of it. It needs resources that are difficult to gather.

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Minecraft beacon recipe

To build a beacon in Minecraft, you need to spawn a special move that is difficult to kill: the wither. You then have to kill the mob to get a clean star which is one of three items needed to craft a beacon.


To light a lamp you need;

  • Five glass blocks
  • Three blocks of obsidian
  • Cleaner star

To get everything, follow the recipes for each one below.

Glass blocks

  1. Collect sand and coal.
  2. Create a furnace.
  3. Smelt the sand in the furnace to get glass blocks.


Add water to a lava source block to obtain obsidian. You can add water to a lava bath or you can collect lava and water in buckets and use it to craft obsidian. Obsidian is cured without aa crafting table. All you have to do is pour water on lava that can be made in the world.

Nether star

A cleaner star is obtained by killing the Wither. This is a mob that a user needs to spawn. In order to reproduce the seed you need;

  1. Gather sand of Soul. Soul sand is found in the net.
  2. Find a fort in the Nether.
  3. Kill wither skeletons until you get three heads.
  4. Collect the heads and return to the world.
  5. Stack two blocks of soul sand, one on top of the other.
  6. Place a block of soul sand on each side of the block at the top.
  7. Place three wither skeletal skulls at the top of the three soul sand blocks.
  8. The wither spawns.
  9. Get ready to fight.

Beacon recipe

Now that you have the ingredients, you can craft a torch.

  1. Open the crafting board.
  2. Place glass in the top row.
  3. Put a glass in the first cell of the second one.
  4. Place glass in the last cell of the second row.
  5. Place the clean star in the middle cell of the second row.
  6. Place obsidian blocks in the bottom row.
  7. Gather the beacon.

Using a beacon in Minecraft

To use a beacon, you need to place it on top of a pyramid. The pyramid is not supposed to be a dirt block pyramid. It must consist of one or all of the following blocks;

  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Gold
  • Iron

You can use any type of blocks to make the pyramid. An iron pyramid will give you the same impetus as a diamond. What matters is the pyramid level.

  • Pyramid level 1: Provides either Speed ​​or Haste
  • Level 2 Pyramid: In addition to the ability of the first level, gives you either Resistance or Jump.
  • Pyramid level 3: In addition to the abilities from levels 1 and 2, gives you strength.
  • Pyramid level 4: In addition to the abilities from all previous levels, gives you a second ability or levels up one of the other abilities.

Select beacon capabilities

The player selects beacon abilities. To select, right click on the torch and select how you want to upgrade or what capabilities you want to use.

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