Minecraft Frogs: How to find them

Minecraft adds updates and changes the game at a very fast pace. The Cliffs and Caves update is barely a few months old but the next major update has already been released to beta testers. This new update is called the Wild Update and contains new mobs and blocks.

Game minecraft frogs

Game minecraft frogs

Frogs is one of the new mobs coming to Minecraft. These are tolerant mobs and if you are a member of the Minecraft Beta on Windows 10, or have downloaded the Java Beta edition, you can check them out yourself. The frogs are not hostile to the player but seem to attack passive mobs (they eat goats but this currently says it is a beast and not a feature). They’re not craft materials for anything big yet, but they can be used to create Frog light.

Light a frog in minecraft

A frog light is a block of light source and as you can tell from the name, you need a frog to make it. To make a frog light, you need a frog and a magma cube.

Frogs spawn in boggy biomes. They tend to be one of three colors: white, orange, and green ash. The color depends on the temperature of the biome. Frogs spawn in mobs of 1 or four. You can subdue a frog by giving it a seagrass, however, it looks like it will replace seagrass before this mob goes out to sustainable consumers.

The next thing you need is a magma cube. The Magma cube is a slime-like hostile movement found in the basement. You have to catch one, and bring it over to the world or you have to take a frog to the bottom.

The frog then has to eat the magma cube and in this case, the more frogs you have the better. As soon as he eats the magma cube, you get a frog light. Frog light is a source of light and nothing more. It is going to be one of the most difficult to craft with the materials needed to seed it in different sizes.


Beta builds are available for both Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock. Make sure you back up your entire world before accessing them from beta build. On Bedrock, be sure to turn on the Wild Update experimental feature for a world from its settings. If you do not turn it on, you may not see everything new in beta. There is no ETA on when Frogs will arrive, and other new mobs on the stable building.

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