Facebook Launches Forecast, an App that let You Predict the Future

Facebook has launched a replacement app for iOS called Forecast which lets users pose questions regarding the longer term and vote on the questions of others.
“Forecast is a community for crowdsourced predictions built to harness the facility of collective insights starting by furthering our knowledge of COVID-19 and its impact on the planet,” said Facebook.
Forecast from Facebook

However, the questions posed thus far range across a huge array of topics including politics, sports, economics, and entertainment.

Individuals also are ready to explain their reasoning behind the forecasts they create.

The platform is currently invite-only, and is restricted to specific experts, Facebook said.

“We’ll be approving users in batches, starting with members of the health, research, and academic community within the US and Canada,” said Facebook.

To join the community, users must request access to the Forecast Beta Testers Facebook group and download the app.

Users are then placed on a roll for access to the platform.
Purpose of Forecast uncertain

It is unclear at now what the most goal of the Forecast platform is.

However, Facebook has been criticized heavily in recent years over the proliferation of faux news and misinformation on its platform.

It is possible that Forecast is another plan to rectify the misinformation problem faced by Facebook, and this might explain why the platform is prioritizing expert signups and offering the power for users to elucidate their reasoning with evidence.

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