Microsoft Lunches Edge Browser Based on Chromium

Microsoft’s new Edge browser based on Chromium is now available for download. The new Edge is based on the Chromium open source project and is similar to Google Chrome in that.

According to Microsoft, the browser offers world-class performance with enhanced privacy, including anti-tracking, turned on by default, three levels of control while browsing, and the option to choose a new tab page layout or design Select, and type of news.

Microsoft Edge Chromium
After a series of tests over the year, the browser can now be downloaded worldwide. If you are running Windows 10, we expect updates to be deployed in the coming months, but you can also download them manually if you can’t wait.

Other features include AAD support, Internet Explorer mode, 4K streaming, Dolby audio, ink in PDF, Microsoft Search with Bing integration, and support for Chrome-based extensions.

It also includes Internet Explorer mode in case you need to access an ancient website that requests it.

Where to download Chromium-based Edge Browser for Windows and macOS
For Windows and macOS users, you can download the new Microsoft Edge via their official website

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