More Google Apps Get Dark Mode Feature on Android

The dark mode is now available for Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps on Android as announced by Google.

In their words, “Dark theme will intelligently adjust the product interface and user-generated content in ways in which can make it more usable in low-light environments and save battery life,” said Google

Google apps dark

According to Google, these apps will automatically adjust themselves when the Android OS is about to use its dark theme.

However, users also will also be able to turn dark mode on and off manually for every of those individual Google apps.

Google said that the feature began rolling out on Monday 6 July, but it could take over two weeks before it’s available on all Android devices.

Since the apps will automatically use dark mode when the Android OS is also using this feature, no action is going to be required from users to enable dark mode during this scenario.

How to Implement Dark Mode Manually

For users that wish to implement dark mode manually for individual apps will need to do so from within these apps.

To do this, the user will have to navigate to Menu > Settings > Theme > Dark from within the app.

Users also will be able to preview the document they’re currently working on in light mode by navigating to More > View in light theme.

Dark mode for

Just recently, it had been reported that Google has started testing dark mode for its search page on Android devices. According to the report, dark mode was tested on for Android users who navigate to the online page using the mobile Chrome browser was only available under an experimental flag.

Once testing is complete, it’ll roll out to all mobile users; but no word yet if it’ll roll out to desktop users or not.

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