Twitter now Integrated fully into Opera desktop browser

Opera is working hard to make sure its browser outshine other browsers by adding outstanding features to its browser… now; it’s added native twitter integration to its sidebar.

The latest version of Opera has just been released and, with it, a faster way for you to share your thoughts with the planet as Twitter is now baked into the sidebar.

Opera Opera Desktop

You can access your main feed, search, and direct messages without having to open a replacement tab and stir up the Twitter website or TweetDeck. You’ll be ready to add it via the sidebar setup menu.

Opera says it’s the primary major browser to incorporate native Twitter integration. It follows the addition of Instagram to the sidebar, and it should prove a touch of a timesaver for those that use Twitter tons and/or want to follow breaking news because it happens. The browser also has built-in access to Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and tons more.

The newest version of Opera also includes a replacement weather widget on the beginning page also as improvements to Workspaces and therefore the visual tab cycler.

Opera is out there for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download it from

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