The Best M4A4 Skins in CS:GO

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a great game that invites users to participate in a conflict between two teams. Each of them will have a specific function, and the completion will be equal to victory. Of course, especially for those who do not want to achieve it, there is always the option of killing enemies. It will be enough to completely destroy them and win the round and then the game. For these reasons, you can and should use a variety of weapons. Against the background of everything found in the game, the M4A4 stands out in particular. This is an assault rifle that competes not only with the AK-47 but also with the M4A1-S. Its benefits include:

  • high damage;
  • large supply of ammo;
  • high accuracy;
  • variability.

All these benefits are used to win a round in CS:GO only. Of course, not all users are interested in its features. They are interested in the colors created for the M4A4, and there is room for imagination. Take the M4A4 Griffin – It is especially popular in the Southern US, but why stop at one skin? Let’s see some other options.


Howl is a great skin and is said to be the most expensive M4A4 skin in the game (up to $13,000). An aggressive wolf is drawn on the body of this army, which wants to tear its enemies apart and leave nothing of them. Of course, it is special not only in this. The high price is due to the fact that it is not available from cases and contracts, so it is limited.


Asiimov is the most memorable skin found in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive universe. There are no pictures or images on the body. There you can see the combination of orange, white and black. Such colors are very popular. The cost of this item starts from $38. For a quality look, you have to pay around $400.

Deserted place

Desolate Space is probably the most budget friendly skin in the game, at least for the M4A4. A skull is painted on his body, which is against the background of a motionless space. It’s a subjective thing that looks as good as it gets. You can feel its beauty both at minimum and maximum graphics settings. This, incidentally, is another one of its advantages. The cost of such a skin starts from $4. Want it in better condition? Be prepared to pay $60.

Dragon King

Dragon King can be called a kind of analog of Howl. In fact, it’s available for less than its closest competitor. We are talking about $5.

An aggressive dragon is painted on the body of this army, which just wants to enter a big battle and destroy all its enemies. It’s not as thematic as Desolate Space, but it’s sure to appeal to people who like simplicity.