Google Meet tutorial: Complete guide to hosting and joining meetings

Google Meet is Google’s video conferencing service. Google Hangouts is a rebranding with a number of enhancements. Google Meet is still a web app ie there are no official desktop messages for the service. It’s also free and one of the most popular services for quick, ad-hoc or scheduled meetings.

Google Meet tutorial

Google Meet tutorial

Google Meet is easy to use when it comes to hosting or attending a meeting. It offers advanced features such as display, screen recording, screen sharing, and basic settings for managing audio and video devices. The heart of the service is ease of use.

Make an appointment

Anyone can hold a Google Meet meeting. As a meeting guest, you have control over who can attend a meeting, who can speak, and who can exclude you from a meeting.

You will not need a Google account to host a Google Meet and you will not need to subscribe to any of the paid plans either. Google Meet is best used in Google Chrome.

  1. Open a new tab in Google Chrome.
  2. Visit him Meet Google.
  3. To start a new meeting immediately, click New Meeting.
  4. Choose Start a meeting immediately.

  1. When promised, let Google Meet their sons, and use the webcam via Google Chrome detection.
  2. The a meeting will begin.
  3. Copy details of the meeting to your video board and share it with whoever you want to invite to the meeting.
  4. When someone enters the meeting, you will see a quickly ask if you want to give the person permission.

Schedule an appointment

Registering a meeting is like holding an immediate meeting. The only difference is that you select the option ‘Create a meeting for later’ instead of the ‘Start a meeting immediately’ option. You will be given a link to the meeting and you can start whenever you want.

The meeting link created does not have a time or date. It is a link that you can use whenever you want. You can use it immediately or you can use it a month later.

Join a meeting

It is much easier to be a member of a meeting. You do not need to sign in with a Google Account and it is best to use Chrome.

  1. Open a new tab in Chrome.
  2. Submit the link to a meeting in the URL bar and tap Enter.
  3. Allow Chrome and Google Meet your son’s access and webcam.
  4. Click Apply for membership.
  5. Wait for the the meeting guest to help you into the meeting.

Note: you cannot go to a Google Meet meeting that has not started. Let the meeting guest know that you are waiting to be admitted to the meeting if you do not receive a response. If you try to meet before it starts, you will be stuck on the ‘Want to join’ screen until the request comes out.

Direct audio and video

You can manage / change audio and video devices at any time.

  1. Click on the More Options button (three dots).
  2. Choose Circumstances.
  3. Select the Audio or Video Tab to control devices.


Google Meet has many other features that you can explore. We have written about some of the most common ones. You should now know how to get started or join a meeting in Google Meet.

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