How can you record a Google Meet meeting/call

With online meeting tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, there is a standard registration feature. It is meant to be something like Google Meet ie, users can schedule a meeting. Google Meet allows users to schedule a meeting but it is a key feature that means users cannot use for free.

Sign up for Google Meet

Register a Google Meet meeting / call

If you want to use the out-of-the-box registration feature in Google Meet, you must have one of the following Google subscriptions;

  • Requirements
  • Business Status
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise Requirements
  • Enterprise Status
  • Plus Campaign
  • Educational Status (Available to users with “staff” and “student” permission)
  • Educational Concepts (Available to users with “staff” and “student” permission)
  • Education Plus (Available to users with “staff” and “student” permission)
  • Teaching and Learning Update (Available from users with the “Teaching and Learning Update” license)
  • Individual registrar in the workplace

This basically means that Google Meet users need free improvise. Fortunately, scheduling a Google Meet meeting from your desktop is not so difficult. The recording will be made and saved locally using a third-party tool.

Register Google Meet – native feature

If you have one of the following membership types, you can schedule Google Meet meetings without a third-party tool.

  1. Start a meeting (you must be a guest).
  2. Click on actions in the bottom left.
  3. Select Registration from the action list.
  4. The meeting will start recording.

Set up OBS screen recording

OBS is the best tool for recording your screen. It’s free, and it has many features. It can record anything on the screen along with audio from the son and the speakers. You have to set it up before the meeting but that is the only hard part.

  1. Install OBS and open the app.
  2. Click on the additional button under the Sources column.
  3. Select Display Capture from the menu if you want to record full screen or select Capture Window if you just want to register your browser window.
  4. In the window that opens, click OK.
  5. On the next window, you can select either the entire desktop or you can select the browser window take part in a Google Meet in.
  6. Click OK and the source will be added.
  7. Make sure both sons and their speakers are not silenced

Register a Google Meet meeting

To schedule a Google Meet meeting, follow these steps.

  1. Open OBS with everything set up.
  2. Click Start recording.
  3. Reduce OBS.
  4. When the meeting is over, open OBS and click Apply.


If you plan to share your screen, or for anyone else to do so at a meeting, it’s best to choose a full display as the entry or display capture source instead of a browser window. No one will know that you are recording the meeting unless you share the screen and the OBS window is visible or its taskbar or Dock icon is visible. This method works on both Windows 10 and macOS.

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