How to change your name on Google Meet

Google Meet can be used with or without an account. If you choose to use Google Meet with an account, you will use a Google account. You can use your personal account, or Google Apps account.

When you join a Google Meet meeting, you need to sign up with a name. If you’re signed in, your name is automatically filled in and is the same thing you’ve set up for a Google account. If you choose not to sign, you can sign up for yourself before entering your meeting.

Change name in Google Meet

If you need to change the name you use in a Google Meet meeting, you should be aware that this is not possible while you are meeting. If you are hosting the meeting yourself, you should definitely do this before the meeting starts.

Because meeting hosts need to be signed in to your Google account, changing your name in the meeting means you need to change your Google account.

Rename Google Account

You can change the name of your Google account whenever you want. However, it will not change your email address, it may change your name in Contacts, and for your contacts you send a message or email using Google Services.

  1. Visit your Google Account Page le click on this link.
  2. Please log in again if you are motivated.
  3. Select the Personal information tab from the right-hand column.
  4. Click on your name (sign in again if asked).
  5. Please change your name and click Save.
  6. When you come next join your Google Meet meeting, other participants will see you with your new name.

Rename anonymously in Google Meet

If you enter your Google Meet meeting anonymously ie, if you do not sign in to your Google account, you must sign in before you can request to attend the meeting. This name cannot be changed while you are still at the meeting. If you want to change, you have to leave, and come in again.

This process comes with difficulty; when you re – enter the meeting after changing your name, you must be re – entered with the guest who may or may not be eligible, depending on the location of the meeting.

  1. Leave the meeting by clicking the hang up button.
  2. You will see a page with button Rejoin.
  3. Click on the Revert button.
  4. Enter the name you want to use.
  5. Click Apply for membership.
  6. Wait for the the meeting guest to help you get back to the meeting.
  7. you do appear with the new name.


Names in a meeting are important customer-related information. The guest can choose to weld a user name with their name, among other things. If users can change their name in the middle of a meeting, it will be more difficult for the guest to manage. Make sure you have a good reason to change your name and let the guest know through chat when you’re about to do so.

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