How to Download Google Meet

Web apps have come a long way. Browsers today are powerful and faster internet connections with more bandwidth usually allow cloud-based apps. Users can collaborate in real time and require nothing but a web browser.

That said, you still find that desktop apps are more powerful than web apps for the simple reason that browsers are rarely as powerful or specialized for a particular type of app.

Download Google Meet

Download Google Meet

Google Meet is one of three online web conferencing tools, by Zoom Teams and Microsoft, that have seen an increase in users. The free version of Google Meet has some nice features; screen sharing, large meeting rooms, and back blur.

The reason is that Google Meet will work very similarly to other popular web conferencing tools and will have a desktop app to go with it. This is not true. Regarding Google Meet;

  • There is no dedicated Google Meet desktop app for any OS.
  • Google Meet is used directly through a desktop web browser.
  • The official Google Meet apps are available for iOS and Android.
  • For best results, you should use Chrome to host or meet a Google Meet.

Create a Chrome app

Google Meet does not have a dedicated desktop app. Its capabilities are limited to no matter which browser you use although you will find that any browser but Chrome offers a lesser experience.

If you use Google Meet frequently to hold a meeting or participate in one, it is a good idea to create a Chrome app for it. The Chrome app can be attached to the taskbar or Dock, you can use it to open Google Meet, and it will open in a window of its own, separate from your open Chrome browser session.

  1. Visit him Meet Google in Chrome.
  2. Click on the more options (three dots) button at the top right.
  3. Choose More tools> Create Shortcut.

  1. Give the Shortcut a name (Google Meet) best.
  2. Enable the Open as Window option.
  3. Click Create.

Pin Google Meet to Start Menu / Taskbar / Dock

Once the app is created, you should connect it to the taskbar or Start Menu or the Dock (macOS) for faster access.

Air Windows 10;

  1. Navigate to the The Google Meet app you just created.
  2. Right click on it and select Pin to Start and / or Pin to Taskbar from the context table.

Air macOS;

  1. Open the Google Meet Chrome app that you created.
  2. Right-click the icon in the Doc.
  3. Choose Options> Stay in Doc.

Download Google Meet – Mobile

For iOS and Android, there are official apps available at Google Meet.

You can get the official Google Meet app for iOS from the App Store and the official Google Meet app for Android from the Google Play Storee.


Many users are surprised that Google Meet does not have a desktop app. It is a popular video conferencing tool and is widely used by many users for non-work related meetings. Google has not announced that it will be developing a desktop app anytime soon.

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