How to fix Google Meet camera not working

Google Meet supports audio and video calls. You can join video from desktop and mobile device. If you’re joining a Google Meet meeting from the desktop, you’ll need a webcam to stream video. Google Meet can work with internal webcams ie those that come on laptops, and can work with external webcams.

Google Meet camera not working

Fix Google Meet camera not working

If you are trying to join a Google Meet meeting and the camera is not working, the problem may be a permissions issue ie the browser does not have access to the camera. The camera may also not work, or may be used by a different app. Try the solutions below.

Having trouble with the camera in Zoom? Take a look at these solutions.

1. Test the camera

If your webcam is set up properly, and there are no hardware or software issues with it, a stock app on your desktop OS should be able to be used without any problem.

Air Windows 1o;

  1. Open the Start the record.
  2. Go to List of apps.
  3. Look for and open the Camera app.

Air macOS;

  1. Tap on the Keyboard shortcut Command + Space bar to open Spotlight review.
  2. Enter FaceTime.
  3. Open FaceTime and look at the camera.

If the app (s) shows a camera preview, it means the hardware is working fine.

2. Remove virtual camera apps

With the rise in the use of web conferencing tools like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, consumers have become creative with how they manage their food. Many users add filtering apps (Snap Camera, OBS) that can add effects, frames, backgrounds, etc., to the camera feed.

If these apps are not configured properly, they can cause problems with Google Meet. If you have such an app running, uninstall or uninstall it.

3. Select a webcam in Google Meet

Make sure your webcam is selected in Google Meet.

  1. Join a Google Meet.
  2. Click on the more options button (three dots) button and select Settings from the menu.
  3. Go to Video tab.
  4. Open the dropdown and select your webcam.

4. Check webcam permissions

Make sure the browser you are using to attend a Google Meet meeting has permission to access the webcam.

Air Windows 10;

  1. Open the Configuration application with keyboard shortcut Win + I.
  2. Go to Privacy tab.
  3. Select the Tab camara.
  4. Make sure camera access for the device is enabled.

Air macOS;

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. go to Security & Confidentiality.
  3. Select the Privacy tab.
  4. Select Camera in the left-hand column.
  5. In the pan on the right, make sure the browser is listed.
  6. If the browser is not listed, click the plus button, and add it.

5. Use Chrome

Google Meet is a Google product. It will work in other modern browsers but you will get the best experience if you use it in Chrome. You may not like the browser but using it can solve the problems you have with the camera in a Google Meet meeting.

6. Check internet bandwidth

If the camera operates sporadically at a meeting, the camera may be fine but you do not have the internet speed or bandwidth to maintain video streaming.

Check your internet speed If the ping is too high, or your internet speed is too low, you may need to do without the video if you can’t switch to a faster network.

Make sure that when in a meeting, the connection is not used by other devices to download anything heavy eg, OS or movie updates.


In many cases, switching to Chrome has solved the problem for users. This is because it is easier to ask the permissions required of Google Meet in a browser made by Google. In another browser, Google Meet may not be able to prompt the user for the permission it needs to stream video, so the camera does not appear to be working.

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