How to fix Google Meet grid view not working

Google Meet is one of the most flexible online web conferencing tools that you can use for free. It’s easy to set up, easy to join a meeting, and a meeting can last an hour with up to 100 participants.

In many ways, Google Meet outperforms the competition simply because its meetings can be longer and because it is easy to use.

fix Google Meet grid view not working

Fix Google Meet grid view is not working

One Google Meet meeting can be anywhere between 3-100 participants for free users. You can use it for small conferences and trains, as well as medium-sized meetings in a town hall.

Google Meet has a grid view that allows users to view up to 49 people simultaneously in a grid format. The format displays the user’s profile pictures if the camera is off, and their camera feed if it is on.

If you’re in a Google Meet meeting with a large number of participants, but the grid view doesn’t show up, here’s what you can do to fix it.

1. Enable grid view

Grid view should kick in when you have a large number of partners but, basically, Google Meet decides for you when to show a grid, and when not. dhut. It is possible that he does not think you need the grid view. You can easily force Google Meet to use a grid view in this case.

In a Google Meet meeting;

  1. Click on the more options button (three dots) on the bottom control bar.
  2. Choose Change shape from the table.
  3. Select the Slab shape.
  4. The grid view will be enabled.

2. Unpin a partner

Google Meet allows users to chat with any partner. Do this so that the camera thumbnail / feed is always visible to you. It may block the view of the grid if the number of participants does not add up to a number that makes for a grid of reasonable size.

In a Google Meet meeting;

  1. Open the partners list by clicking on the icon at the bottom.
  2. Select the more options button (three dots) next to the member that you are on pens.
  3. Select the unpin option from the menu.

3. Use a Chrome extension

If all else fails, and you still can’t get the grid view in Google Meet, you can force it by using the Chrome browser and installing the Google Meet Grid View extension.

  1. Leave the Google Meet meeting.
  2. Open Chrome and install the Google Meet Grid View extension from Chrome Web Store.
  3. Join a Google Meet again.
  4. Use the lift the extension to enable grid view.


The grid view is great for large meetings but you can also try using the Sidebar view to view the meeting participants. It’s a great option if you need to crush a partner or two that may obstruct the view of the grid.

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