How to use Google Meet breakout rooms

Break rooms are smaller meetings that are created within a meeting. The concept is not new; both Microsoft Teams and Google Meet support this feature. It allows a meeting guest to move meeting participants into smaller rooms.

The break rooms are still part of the meeting. They include some of the meeting participants and these participants are added / moved by the meeting guest. You can create multiple break rooms, and each room can have its own name.

Google Meet break rooms

Use Google Meet break rooms

Google Meet has break rooms but they are not one of the features available to all users ie, the feature is not free. You will need to subscribe to one of the following Google plans, according to Google;

  • Requirements
  • Business Status
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise Requirements
  • Enterprise Status
  • Plus Campaign
  • Further education
  • Modernizing Teaching and Learning
  • Workplace business
  • Non-profits
  • Individual registrar in the workplace

If you are unsure of the edit, visit this page and it will tell you which account you are using, and what the edit is.

Use Google Meet break rooms

If you want to use Google Meet break rooms, you need to access the meeting from a computer. The feature is not yet available on the Google Meet mobile apps. You can use the feature if you have dialed in to a Google Meet meeting.

  1. Join or create a Google Meet.
  2. Allow partners come together the meeting.
  3. Click on the Actions button at the bottom right.
  4. Choose Break rooms from the action list.
  5. Choose how many rooms you want to create (you can create up to 100 rooms).
  6. Give each room a name.
  7. Drag and drop participants into the room where you want to move them.
  8. Click Create.
  9. The participants must ‘come together’ in the rooms that they were added.
  10. A. hospitality can accompany any break room they want.
  11. A. a partner can leave a break room and return to the main meeting when desired.

Add / move people

To move people between rooms after their creation;

  1. Click Prepare a room.
  2. Add / move people between rooms.
  3. Click Save.

Complete Breakout rooms

When you are done with the meeting, you (the Host) can click on End Breakout rooms). This will close all rooms and all participants will be transferred to the main meeting

Set up Breakout rooms in advance

You can create break rooms before a meeting starts ie, if you have booked a meeting.

  1. Add an event Google Calendar.
  2. Add the Google Meet meeting link to the event or click Add Google Meet video
  3. Click on the Cog wheel button next to the meeting link.
  4. Go to Breakout rooms tab.
  5. Select the number of rooms you want to create.
  6. Click Save.

Note: you cannot add participants to break rooms until a meeting has started.


Break rooms are a great tool but are not part of the free Google Meet offer. You must subscribe to one of Google’s Workplace or Education Plans. In some cases, the plan may require you to have land available to set up a Google account which will add to the costs.

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