What features does Minecraft have on Nintendo switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a relatively young console but is very popular. This is probably one of the most successful new consoles announced. There is a huge library of games and Minecraft is one of them.

Download minecraft on Nintendo Switch

Minecraft is officially available on the Nintendo Switch. The game is not free. It costs $ 29.99, the same as if you bought the Java or Bedrock version on your computer. The game is 1.1GB in size.

Minecraft features on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is a standalone game in its own right. It supports all three Switch play modes; TV mode, dashboard mode, and handheld mode. As for the game itself, it has the following features

  • Microsoft account required to play.
  • Supports single and multiplayer mode
  • The Bedrock version has now been replaced.
  • The new Bedrock version supports cross-play.
  • However, getting the same updates as the Java version will take longer to reach.
  • Owners of the Minecraft Nintendo Switch edition can upgrade to the new Bedrock version for free.
  • The Nintendo Switch edition can still be played if you own it but it’s not getting any updates.
  • You can play with up to eight players in an online multiplayer game.
  • You can play with up to eight players in a local game.
  • You can play with four players on the Nintendo Switch (the same device with four players).

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch: Bugs

Insects are on the Bedrock Minecraft version and the Nintendo Switch Minecraft version. Insects usually need to be related to structure generation and not as much as mob generation. No game is bug-proof and Minecraft on the Switch is no different. That said, the lice don’t make the game impossible.

Should you buy Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

Minecraft is a good game but playing it on the Switch does not offer anything special in terms of game play. Of course, if you like to build in Minecraft, you are better off playing the game on desktop. The Switch version offers a way to keep the game with you at all times ie, fast and easy portability. If you play the game religiously, and you own a Switch, treat yourself to the Minecraft version. If you are learning or just starting to play the game, you will enjoy it better on the desktop. More features are available for the desktop version. If you finally decide you want to change, you’ll be glad you have it on PC.


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