What is a PUBG test server and experimental server

PUBG is a game that is constantly adding new elements of gameplay. New maps, game mechanics, weapons, challenges, and more are standard for this type of game. To add these new elements, PUBG must first test them before allowing players to use them. If there is a problem, it is still in the test environment and does not affect players and their rankings.

PUBG test server and test server

Many apps and even operating systems invite users to try new versions while still in beta. Apple and Microsoft are both giving users a choice of beta versions of the next OS build to be released. It allows companies to test crowdsource for quality. PUBG follows a similar practice where they have dedicated servers for their beta components. These are the test server and the test server.

These servers do not appear in the production building and are not directly accessible.

PUBG test server

The PUBG test server featuring gameplay and mechanics that PUBG is currently developing. This does not include new maps but everything else.

The features you see on the PUBG test server will soon be available to users playing on both stable and / or production servers.

PUBG experimental server

The PUBG experimental server to test new maps. Maps are an integral part of the game so they need to be tested. In addition to stability, the experimental server also measures how good a map is and what improvements need to be made.

The maps you see on the experimental server stay there for a long time before adding to the production building. Not all maps will be moved to the larger production building. Some may be experimental and others may just be removed if the developers feel they are not good enough for the game.


The trial and trial servers are open to all players who want to try out the new or experimental content. To play them, you need to install a different game client. Playing on the test server will not adversely affect your main account and game stats. That said, performances from the test or experimental servers will not sync to or add to your main PUBG account. Any knowledge you gain is about the skills you develop while playing on these servers and nothing else. The servers may not always be stable as such

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