What is the latest Minecraft update?

Minecraft updates regularly. The updates include the usual bug fixes and enhancements you can expect but they also include game enhancements, and the addition of new blocks, entities, mobs, biomes, and more. Updates that make a major change to the Minecraft message piece will be released and have their own name.

Latest Minecraft update

Minecraft has had important updates in the past eg the Nether update. The latest Minecraft update is called Cliffs and Caves. Released in two parts, the second release dramatically changed the game.

Cliffs and Caves Part 1 was released on all platforms on June 8, 2021. Part 2 cliffs and caves were released on all platforms on November 30, 2021 for the Java and Bedrock version.

Get the latest update of Minecraft – Cliffs & Caves

To get the latest Minecraft Update ie, the Cliffs & Caves update, you need to update Minecraft however this update will significantly change the normal world in which you play. Before upgrading, back up your Minecraft worlds.

To update the Minecraft Bedrock version;

  1. Open the Microsoft Store.
  2. Go to your library.
  3. Check for app updates.
  4. Download and install the update available for Minecraft.

To update the Minecraft Java version;

  1. Open Minecraft Java with the official surgeon.
  2. The surgeon checks for and downloads available updates.
  3. Restart the game to install it.

Play Rocks & Caves

If you play Minecraft regularly, you will see a big difference this time. When you load a world in the game after installing the Cliffs & Caves, the game will ask you to create a backup of the world in case the changes in Cliffs & Caves corrupt it. If you haven’t already, you should create the backup.

In some cases, due to the addition of new blocks in this update, your structures may be buried.

The update was published in two parts. The first part replaced new phones and blocks (Amethyst and Copper, among others), or changed the behavior of the existing blocks and phones.

The second part brought changes to the structure of the generated or loaded world. The height and depth ie the Z axis have increased by 64 blocks each. This means you can now build 64 blocks higher and dig 64 blocks deeper than you used to.

There has also been change in the way biofuels are generated in relation to the land. They now generate whatever the ground means you find a dessert or jungle on a hill.


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