Where is the appdata folder on Windows 11

The appdata package has been a part of Windows for years. It is an essential folder for all users and each user has its own appdata folder which is configured on Windows system. In this folder, you will find three more folders; Local, LocalLow, and rooting. Apps you install on Windows create their own folders within one of more than those three folders.

Windows 11 appdata folder

AppData folder on Windows 11

The AppData folder is still present on Windows 11. You need to know the location of this folder because of the saved files. Your Chrome profile has been saved to one of its subphones. When you uninstall an app, it may leave the local folder and its files on your system and you have to manually remove them. You may also need to delete the app folder if you are trying to clean an installation.

Show hidden objects

The AppData folder is a hidden folder. You may be in the correct folder but if the hidden items are not shown, you will not see the AppData folder.

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Click on the See the button at the top right (the ribbon is no longer part of the UI).
  3. Choose Show options from the table.
  4. Click Hidden items from the submenu.
  5. Hidden objects will now be visible.

1. AppData folder location – Windows 11

The AppData folder is created in the following location;


Replace your YourUserName username with your username.

There are a few ways to quickly open the AppData folder without having to manually navigate to it every time you want to open it.

2. Open AppData folder

Method 1:

To open the AppData folder from the run box, follow these steps.

  1. Tap on the Keyboard abbreviation Wn + R. to open the Run box.
  2. In the run box, enter one time / stop point:. and tap on the Enter a key.
  3. Do opens a user folder.
  4. Open the AppData folder inside the user folder.

Method 2:

You can open the AppData folder from both the Runbox and File Explorer.

  1. Open the Run box with Win + R keyboard. shortcut or open the File Explorer window.
  2. Enter this % AppData% in the run box and tap on Enter.
  3. For File Explorer, enter this in the location bar: % AppData% and tap Enter.
  4. The Opens a mobile folder.
  5. Click AppData in the settings bar to go to the main AppData folder.

Changing AppData folder location

You can move the AppData folder to another location without breaking anything. The option is set in Windows 11 however, this is not a good idea. Apps can still look for the AppData folder in its original location. If they do not get it, the installation may fail. Additionally, the installed apps may not be able to detect the change in the AppData folder location and may stop working.


The AppData folder is created by Windows. You may be able to delete it but it is of no use unless you are trying to use the OS or causing problems with apps. If you have administrative access to a system, you can view and access the AppData folder for other users, however, none of the methods we have listed will allow you to open. Instead, you have to manually navigate to the user folder in File Explorer to access it.

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