Why Do You Need VPS Hosting for Your startup?

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Opening a new business is always linked to the question of promoting it. Of course, in these modern times, the internet is the best way to make yourself known. This applies not only to online stores that sell products through the Internet but also to companies that use web resources to talk about products and services, the benefits of co-op. operational, and new opportunities for potential customers. An important question that a young business owner who chooses the tools for marketing their business online needs to answer is: “Is there enough hosting capability for the smooth and proper operation of a website? newly created business? ”

It is important to find an answer to this question even at the launch of a business website. In fact, you need to consider all the expectations so that you do not overpay the hosting company to move from one type of hosting to another, especially since it is not technically easy to do so. .

The easiest and cheapest option, at first glance, is to rent disc space on shared hosting. This is cheap. However, the site owner must share all the resources with other “tenants” on the server. With an unprecedented increase in traffic, this could lead to website crashes, slow page loading, and a number of other errors. As an alternative to shared hosting, hosting providers often offer a virtual private server – VPS. This service is more expensive. But in this case, the user does not have to share resources with “neighbors”, because each user gets their personal potential. In addition, the site owner gets the right to customize the system according to their own taste and personal needs. The user gains more control and this comes with a guarantee that the site will be used without interruption.

All these benefits of VPS over shared hosting are well known to all users who have ever looked into the issue. But can shared personal hosting really help a beginner to improve? We offer to find out together with the HostZealot experts that offer VPS hosting in Europe.

Why is VPS Hosting Attractive to Beginners?

So, you plan to create a business, and beforehand, explore the opportunities on how you can promote on the internet. As mentioned before, the most logical option at first glance is to put the site on shared hosting. A large server is shared in many remote environments. One such “cell” is offered to a separate client. Such clients access their admin panels and hosting tools to ensure the smooth operation of the installed components, the security of the database, and so on.

But as soon as site traffic increases, it may all start to “slow down”. After all, the resources allocated to the client from a “basket” may not be common enough to solve the growing problems. Also, this could affect other messengers on the server as they are all sharing resources. At this point, the web host may decide to cancel a service or change the owner of such a web resource from a basic package to a more expensive plan.

There is another disadvantage of shared hosting – the inability to personalize certain server settings. A client on a shared hosting plan cannot add new server activity. It must be satisfied with the software and the options provided by the host. The view is not clear. That is why more and more business owners, after consulting with experts, are opting for VPS hosting.

A VPS is a virtual private server that is rented by multiple users with each user staying within their specified limits. And compared to shared hosting, it differs in that each client gets disk space with a clear indication of power and memory. This means that all users on the server are aware of the limitations and capabilities of their hosting package. In this case, a site owner on a VPS plan should not be afraid of site failure and malfunction due to the rapid growth of other users on the server or requests from the hosting company about resource usage.

The benefits of VPS hosting can be summarized as shown below:

  • Website speed directly affects the ranking of the search engines. Good loading speed reduces rip rate and increases turnaround rate. VPS offers high loading speeds and more stability, but an increase in traffic could adversely affect these signals on a shared hosting plan.
  • Renting disk space on shared hosting is cheaper, but the site owner does not have many opportunities. In terms of price-quality ratio, a VPS plan is the best option. Users get more resources, and the functionality is very close to what is available on a particular server. This is explained by the fact that every customer, who owns sites on the server, pays for one physical facility, with its own disk space. And the cost of the service per client is lower than for subscribers of dedicated servers.
  • Security and privacy are important features for businesses. Databases on the VPS are not available to other users of the server. Additionally, many providers offer reliable protection from hacker attacks and malicious programs.
  • One of the main benefits of VPS management. Users choose the software to use and gain basic access. This feature gives the site owner full control over the virtual server.

Well, now’s time to talk about how VPS hosting can help get you off to a promising start. It is no secret that, today, if a company is not on the internet, it is simply not on the market. Even strong fans of old marketing campaigns today have gone beyond the traditions of their ancestors and created websites on the internet. These are the truths of our time, and they have no escape. And if you have to spend money to write the code, to put it on the host, it is better to choose the best price-to-features ratio. And a little earlier we have already explained, in what a virtual private server benefits from shared hosting.

  • Even if you are just starting out, you should always have a view. You believe that your site will become very popular, do you not? And shared hosting cannot handle increased traffic better than VPS. More scalability. For VPS, you can upgrade resources along with the growth of the site. This feature is not available on shared hosting.
  • Page load speed is an important criterion for search engines, as well as the proper functioning of the site. A slow website will not increase brand reputation. The more traffic, the more resources the site needs to function properly. And on shared hosting, your resources are not just limited, they depend on “neighbors.”
  • Loneliness. For a virtual private server, you can choose your own software, applications that help you win your audience. If you purchase disk space on a shared server, be prepared to accept the “terms of the game”, which dictate to the host.

Therefore, shared hosting is ideal if you do not expect an increase in traffic. For example, you have created a business card site, on the page ordered for corporate acquaintances and basic information. In this case, the literal SEO promotion will help you to appear in search engine results. But since your website does not provide active visitor actions on the page, traffic growth and conversions should not be expected. Rent quietly on a shared server. Your website and shared hosting will do the job.

If you plan to actively sell through the site, if you plan to link the feedback option and generally intend to develop an electronic facility, it is better to choose VPS-hosting instantly. In this case, your opportunities will be much wider, and the opportunities – rosier.