Why not Windows 11: Check why your PC isn’t compatible

Windows 11 is expected to arrive later this year. This timeline may or may not be true but Microsoft has released the minimum hardware requirements for the OS. They also released, and then removed the Health monitoring app that system checked for Windows 11 compatibility.

Users who want to run Windows 11 on their default system have the basic requirements instead of buying a new one, or they can try to install the beta build and it will tell them if the system they are compatible with the OS.

Windows 11 Check why your PC is not compatible

Why not Windows 11?

Minimum hardware requirements, and compatibility checking are both useful but many users feel that their systems are still marked as unsuitable for the new OS despite meeting it. the listed requirements.

The hardware component of a system that is not compatible with Windows 11 will never be mentioned. Users are usually left alone and this is where Windows 11 does not work. in.

Why Windows 11 is not an open source, free third – party health check script that will tell you, complement why your system is not compatible with Windows 11.

Use Why not Windows 11

To use Why not Windows 11, follow these steps.

  1. Download why not Windows 11 from Github.
  2. Run the EXE file.
  3. Let the script for system scan.
  4. Hard components that inadequacy will be identified by reason.

Why not the requirements and limitations of Windows 11

Why Windows 11 doesn’t have some basic requirements for it to run.

  • The script runs on Windows 8.1 and is compatible with the latest Windows 10 build
  • The script does not run on Windows 7.
  • On a Windows 8.1 system, it may not be able to properly scan for the DirectX 12 support required for the HDR feature but it is not a hindrance when it comes to installing Windows 11.
  • On a Windows 10 system, the app will only run if the system is a 64-bit system.
  • On a Windows 8.1 system, the app will be able to run on a 32-bit system as well as a 64-bit system.

Output accuracy

Why Windows 11 isn’t quite right. You should know that when Windows 11 tells you that a system is not compatible during the update process, it is not always a given that the OS will not run on it. It may not be able to run all the features of Windows 11 but if you have something recent hardware, it should be able to run without any problem.

Take the example of running a script on a system running Windows 11 and you will see that the CPU has been identified as a possible reason why the system may not be compatible. That’s why Windows 11 can flag it as well but as you can see, the OS is running fine.


Why not help Windows 11 to find out what keeps your system from running Windows 11. In some cases, you may be able to fix the problem eg, if you have disable secure disable, you can enable it and you will be able to install the OS. In other cases, you may need to upgrade hardware e.g., if you do not have a TPM chip or if the TPM chip is not version 2.0 (or later).

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