10 easy Minecraft house ideas

A Minecraft house or center is essential for you to survive in the game. This is usually where you move your spawning grounds, keep materials you collect, and where you craft, brew, or do interesting things. You may or may not create a Nether portal nearby but have a place to return to, and a place that can keep out monsters is crucial.

easy views of Minecraft house

Minecraft easy house views

A Minecraft house can be simple ie, a cube with a door and a window, or it can be complex with several floors, rooms, windows, a window, and even a waterfall if you are feeling ambitious. You can use all kinds of blocks to create a Minecraft house. Some blocks are better than others for your protection from monsters while others look better in terms of beauty.

If you are new to Minecraft, and still learning to work with all the blocks, it is best to start with easier homes. Here are ten awesome but easy Minecraft house ideas.

1. Survivalist Farmhouse

We recommend this design for beginners. It is easily made with common materials such as wood and cobblestone, and is easily expandable. You can add more rooms to the design and they will not look out of place. You also have a farm space and an easy way to get there without leaving the house or traveling at night. Make sure you keep it well.

This house is appears on Grabcraft with blueprints on how to build it.

2. Oak & spruce wood with Smithers Boss

If you want something that is easy to pick up, and well-looked at, this house is worth a look. It is usually built of wood which is one of the most common block types in Minecraft. You can build it with different types of wood but oak and dark oak are best. There are other blocks too eg cobblestone and glass but they are easy to find or craft.

The only thing wrong with this house is that it is mostly wood and will be easily damaged by mobs. In the image below, special shades have been used to make your house look different depending on the shades you have installed.

3. Stylish and Compact with CSX42

The Stylish and Compact design with CSX42 it is a modern but small house with space for a bed, craft table, and chest. It is built of basic blocks such as timber and stone slabs. As you build it, you will also learn a thing or two about creating a good looking house. The tutorial includes ideas for making stack coffins easily accessible and how the use of different types of blocks adds beauty to construction. There are also ideas for extending the house when you need to.

4. Large single room

The houses on this list have been small which means you don’t have to gather a lot of resources to start building. If you want to build something bigger, but still keep it simple, we recommend taking a look this simple house design by Stud. The hardest material you can find for this construction is stone slab stairs that are easy to make with beak stone. You will need coal to melt it completely (or you can use wood but it will take longer) and you will end up with a lot of space. You can divide the house (add rooms) if you want by building walls. The decoration is left to you which means that this is a flexible design.

It will take some time to build this but you will love what you finish.

5. Strong stone house with Instructables

If you do not want a house made of wood as this is much more prone to damage, this basic stone house is worth building. It needs blocks that are commonly available as stone, and it still adds a few block changes so that the final construction looks good ie, not just a stone cube.

The house is relatively large and you will be able to use it for a long time before you decide to upgrade. It’s also not the kind of house you feel bad about leaving behind because you’ve put so much work into it.

6. Simple starting house with Sv Gravity

The Simple start house with Sv Gravity has a stone foundation, commonly available wooden blocks, attached farm, two floors, ample space, and a nice view.

You won’t be able to build this house in a day so make sure you have a place to spend the night while you build but it’s definitely worth the time. The products are readily available. You can design the interior in any way you want and you can trim the lantern for lanterns.

7. Simple birch starting house with Folli

The Simple birch starting house by Folli built mainly with birch which is one of the most common types of wood. You need a good ax to get the wood and some time to build the house but it is big, beautiful, and there is room for a farm.

You can skim pots and lanterns so you have the clay and iron to make them. The house provides shelter and space to store your stores, a craft table, a furnace, and a few bookshelves.

8. Tree house by TSMC – Minecraft

Tree house by TSMC – Minecraft offering a unique, tidy house design for beginners. The resources you collect are very small and readily available. You can use any type of wood / wood you want and, if you are up for a little trial and error, you can create a second floor in this design.

9. Toilet, modern, two storey

This is easily one of the most complex buildings and its facilities take some time to assemble but if you want a solid ish house check it out this design by WiederDude.

The house has two floors, and a bath. You can change up and the location to turn the tank into an accessible farm. What makes it difficult to use this house is the use of concrete, especially white concrete that needs to emit fuel. You have to kill some skeleton for it. Alternatively, you can create flat stone blocks and use them instead. The house may not look so good but it is still a good design.

Note: shaders have been used in the image below. Your final build will look different based on the shaders and text packs you use.

10. New house by RainbowGamerPE

The Modern house by RainbowGamerPE reveals concrete so it is, again, not as easy to build, but can be replaced by flat stone. You need a lot of coal to do this but the house is big and you may not move out of it. You need to collect a lot of wood and sand but they happen common enough to not be too big.

The construction also uses common birch wood, and black glass panes that require a black color. Again, you can use ordinary, colorless glass. The design is very good and allows you to play with material changes easily.


Minecraft houses both art and functionality in one. The homes on this list may seem difficult to create but once you see how they are built, you make your own designs in no time or modify them to suit on your specific needs.

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