Apple TV Remote Not Working: How to Reset Apple TV Remote?

Apple TV comes with a remote control that allows you to control it from the comfort of your bed or sofa. The remote that comes with Apple TV pairs with it via Bluetooth, has a few buttons and a touchpad-like space where you can use swipe gestures to control the Apple TV.

The remote pairs easily enough with an Apple TV, and if you happen to lose your remote device, you can buy and repair another one just as easily as your Apple TV.

Apple TV remote not working

Apple Remote works well most of the time but there are exceptions. The Apple TV cannot work suddenly without a remote because there is no other way to control it and there is no touch screen. If your Apple TV remote is not working, try the following.

Apple tv remote not working

How to set up Apple TV Remote

Charge remotely

Apple TV Remote battery lasts a long time. In fact, it will last long enough for many consumers to forget that they need to be charged. If the remote does not work, connect it to a power source (via a data cable) and charge it for a while. When you are charged, check if it works.

How to Reset Apple TV Remote

Try not to update and repair the remote. It’s a bit tricky and officially Apple doesn’t provide any instructions on how you can update the remote site but it can be done.

Unpair and repair the remote

  1. Make sure your Apple Remote is close to the Apple TV.
  2. Press and hold down the menu and the up button for five seconds.
  3. Release them and unplug the Apple TV.
  4. Wait at least a minute.
  5. Turn the Apple TV on, and click on the Menu Button and Volume Up.
  6. Follow the instructions on the Apple TV to repair the remote.

Note: You may need to do this several times to do it right.

Restart Apple TV

Disconnect the Apple TV from the power outlet. Wait a minute, and reapply. Try using the remote tool.

Use your iPhone

You can use your iPhone to control the Apple TV. You may need to download an app for the job, depending on your Apple TV model or your own iPhone may be enough.

On your iPhone;

  1. Open the Options app.
  2. go to Control Center.
  3. Add Remote Apple TV.
  4. Open the Control Center.
  5. Tap on the Apple TV remote button.
  6. Use the remote on the screen to control the Apple TV.

If your Apple TV doesn’t work with your iPhone and its remote device, install the iTunes Remote app from the App Store.

Replace Apple TV Remote

It is possible that the Apple TV Remote is damaged, or has reached the end of its life. You can try to repair your remote with a different Apple TV and if it doesn’t work, try using a different / new remote.


The Apple TV Remote has a long battery life, and usually has a long output life as well. It is known to run into flu from time to time but more often than not, this is because consumers forget to charge their remote.

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