Cannot Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC? Here’s What You Should Do

If you plan to play games on a Windows 10 system with a game controller, you should buy an Xbox controller to go with it. It connects easily and gets support out of the box. Xbox and Windows 10 are both developed by Microsoft which makes the Xbox 360 controller the perfect controller for gaming on a PC.

Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC

Connect Xbox 360 controller to PC

It’s easy to easily connect an Xbox 360 controller to a PC. Both the wireless and wireless version will be able to connect to it.

  • Pair the controller if it is a wireless controller and make sure the controller is on.
  • Connect the controller and make sure its light turns on ie, the X on the controller lights up.

Give Windows 10 a few minutes to set up the new device and check if it works. You can check the input of a controller outside of games.

  1. Visit him Gamepad test.
  2. Do an administrator should be found automatically.
  3. Press the buttons or one of the control sticks and you should see an input on the screen.

If the controller lights up but no interruptions are detected during tests, the controller was not set up correctly. If the controller installation was found but it does not work in games. Try the solutions below.

1. Check Xbox controller support

Not all games, no matter what level you want them to, will support your controller. It’s best to play games like Among Us or Inside with a keyboard. Check if the game in which you are trying to use the controller is supported.

You can check this by going to the game options for control / keyboard / mouse. If a game clearly states that it is better to play with a keyboard, it is better not to try to play it with a controller.

2. Steam controller support

Steam can add control support for any and all games. It is usually enabled by default when you connect an administrator but you may need to do it manually.

  1. Connect the controller to your system.
  2. Steam Open.
  3. On the menu bar, go to Steam> Settings.
  4. Go to Control tab.
  5. Click Set a general administrator.
  6. Enable support for Xbox controllers.
  7. Restart Steam and your system.

3. Install Xbox controller drivers manually

Drivers for the Xbox may not be installed properly or at all. In this case, it is better to install them manually.

  1. Connect the controller to PC.
  2. Open Device manager.
  3. Expand Other tools.
  4. You can see the ‘Unknown device’ listed below.
  5. Right-click and select Update Device Software.
  6. Choose Check my computer for driver software.
  7. Select the ‘Let me choose from liosta’ list.
  8. Scroll down and select the Xbox 360 peripherals option.
  9. Select the latest driver that is available.
  10. Install it and accept any suggestions that you can see on the screen.
  11. The a driver will be installed and you will be able to use the controller with your games.

4. Change USB port

A wired Xbox controller needs running power, just like a wireless controller. The wireless controller receives power through the USB port to which it is connected.

Make sure the USB port you are connecting to the controller is connected to the charging port. It is usually marked by an earthquake or similar symbol. If you are not sure which one it is, shut down the system or put it to sleep and connect a phone to the port. If the charge port on the machine even when the system is off, it is the charge port. All other USB ports will not charge a device until the system is powered on.

5. Turn of Game bar

The Windows 10 Game bar has been added so that users can record and stream games using native devices instead of installing third-party apps like OBS. Unfortunately, the Game bar is hit and lost. Sometimes it works and other times it causes problems.

  1. Tap on the Shortcut the Win + I keyboard to open the Settings app.
  2. go to Gamadh.
  3. Select the Tab bar game.
  4. Turn the turn off at the top of it.


The Xbox controller, once detected, will not cause any problems. Locating the connection is where you might be in trouble but installing the driver for it manually is a sure solution. Make sure that the hardware ie the controller itself is not damaged and that the buttons are working. If you are running apps to reboot the controller, delete them all.

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