Conversion to PDF Failed: How to Convert PDF to Word Document (FULL GUIDE)

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing tools available for both Windows 10 and macOS. Unfortunately, it ‘s not free. It went from being a one-time purchase to a membership-based app which means not everyone has it. DOCX format is not universal. You will find that there are many apps that can open a DOCX file but it is not always easy to convert or convert this format to another.

trouble converting your PDF to Word

Isn’t PDF converting to Word properly?

Microsoft Word can convert PDF files and can also convert a PDF file to DOCX format. Microsoft Word does not guarantee that it will be able to convert a PDF file to a Word document. This is because not all PDF files come as Word files.

If you are trying to convert a PDF file to Word but the app fails, try the solutions below.

How to Convert PDF to Word Document

1. Use the Adobe online version

Adobe Acrobat Reader does not have a file conversion feature, however, Adobe has an official online conversion tool that can convert a PDF to a Word file. If Microsoft Word cannot convert a PDF file to a DOCX file, you should try the online tool.

  1. Visit the Convert PDF to Word machine.
  2. Upload file to the tool.
  3. Once it’s turned, click the Download button to save.

2. Use a third-party app

Some apps do a better job of converting PDF to a Word document than others. If the file made by the converted Adobe tool does not support the original PDF file format, try a third-party tool.

While there is no shortage of tools that can convert PDF to Word, you should try a Nitro tool. Nitro has developed one of the best desktop PDF viewers and has an online conversion tool that works really well.

  1. Visit the Nitro online PDF to Word conversion tool.
  2. Upload file to the tool.
  3. Please enter an email to retrieve the modified file.
  4. Click Turn now.
  5. The file will convert within seconds, and will be sent to you via email.


It is not easy to turn a form from one to another. The format sent may not always be maintained. The problems with layout come with format (tables, images, shapes), and with text styles (headings, paragraph styles, indent). PDF files are for publishing documents online and may not hold the format information that the DOCX format does which is why there are always exceptions in a converted file. That said, turning is always possible. If one app can’t do it, there will always be others that can.

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