Download and Play Classic Chess Titans on Windows 10 (TUTORIAL)

Microsoft had very memorable games on Windows 7. They were commonly games like Solitaire, FreeCell, Mahjong, and Chess. People in most of the world know them or can learn them easily enough. These games were not only removed in later versions of Windows 10, they were downgraded and replaced with games that no one wanted.

Chess titans on Windows 10

Chess titans on Windows 10

There is no shortage of online chess games, mobile chess games (try Tall Chess), or offline chess games that allow users to play against a computer but Chess Titans still miss it greatly.

Chess Chess was one of many games developed by Micorosft and released as a stock app on Windows 10. It gave users the choice of playing against the computer, or like anyone else, while the man is physically present, and you can play as white or black.

Download Chess Titans on Windows 10 and install

Since Microsoft has discontinued Chess Titans, and all other games wrapped in Windows 7, the only way is to download them from third – party sources. Many third-party software stores carry the gams but you should always scan the file before running it, in case it becomes malicious.

  1. Visi an page for Windows 7 Games.
  2. In the right hand column, click on Windows Executable file.
  3. Let the file to download.
  4. When downloaded, run the EXE.
  5. Choose your language.
  6. Choose which games you want to install. Chess is called ‘chess’on the game’s selection list.
  7. Click Next, and let the game install.

Play Chess Titles on Windows 10

To play chess on Windows 10, follow these steps.

  1. Open Chess titans from the Apps list in the Start menu.
  2. Typically, a user plays as White, and against the computer.
  3. go to Game on the board bar and select a different type of player and / or opponent kind to play.
  4. go to Game> Options to change in-game behavior e.g. difficulty level, graphics quality, animations, sounds, etc.
  5. go to Game> Change appearance and select a different style for the table and the pieces.

Note: You can skip a game at any time. The game can be saved and restarted when you have time to play, or you can delete it and start a new one whenever you want.


Titans chess is simple to play. It may not have the best board and game design but it is usually difficult to find games that are uninteresting. Games tend to come with complex menus, a long list of features that have little to do with the game, and more clocks and rags than are required for chess. Design is the only thing that has failed the Titans chess and is unlikely to go away with no new skins being developed for it but it is still a great game to play on a quiet day,

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