(FIXED) Google Meet Microphone Not Working, “Off Due to The Size Of The Call”

One of the limitations of online meetings is bandwidth. Not all online meeting devices can handle multiple audio and / or video streams simultaneously. Apps need to manage multiple streams, keep them separate, maintain call quality, and accommodate new incoming partners.

Google Meet Microphone not working

Google Meet Microphone not working?

Google Meet is one of the most popular apps currently used for online meetings. It is a powerful tool that offers background blur, picture-on-picture mode, and meetings with up to 100 participants. It’s also free which makes it more accessible for many people.

Google Meet is like any other online meeting tool that needs to manage a large number of audio and video streams in a call. If you join a Google Meet meeting, and you see that the message “Mic is off due to the volume of the call”, there is nothing to worry about and the configuration is simple.

How do you decide “Sons are off because of the size of the call”?

Unmute am mic

Google Meet automatically shifts the mic for participants in a meeting once the partner account is higher than 5. This is not a hard block; as a user, you can unlock the mic by clicking on the mic icon.

How it works

In a Google Meet meeting, the first five users join their photos. The sixth person to attend the meeting will be sent away and will see that the “Son is off due to the volume of the call”. All subsequent users who join the meeting will be discarded and will see the same message.

In all cases, the user who has been automatically transferred can remove the mic.

Why Google Meet mute users

Google Meet annoys users because the more users that come into the meeting, the more ‘sound’ the active mic creates in the conversation. It is best to weld a user and allow them to move themselves when they have something to say. It can also help to manage the bandwidth for the easier call.


There is no option to disable this feature. If you hold regular meetings with more than five users, it’s a good idea to let other participants know why they’re stuck when they come in, and that they can attract themselves whenever they want. Google Meet allows everyone their kids to be motionless and not stop other users until you can talk. All that said, it’s good to meet online to suppress your sons if it’s not you talking.

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