(FIXED) Keyboard Number Pad Not Working on Windows 10

A number cap may look insignificant especially if you have to buy a larger laptop to get one. Many users work with the number keys at the top of the alphabet keys and do not need a special number pad.

For users who work with numbers eg, spreadsheets or accounting software, a number cap is required. Users can access keyboards with a built-in number pad or can connect an external one to their system via a USB port.

Pad Number not working

Number Pad not working in Windows 10

The number pad, usually or not, is part of the keyboard. If the keyboard on your system is working, it is a reason that the number is working as well. If the number pad is not working, run the basic checks below and then try the solutions listed further below.

Basic studies

  • Try entering numbers from the numbers folder in an app like Notepad. If you can put numbers in Notepad, but not in another app, that seems to be the culprit. It may not be able to accept numeric input.
  • Try connecting a different keyboard to your system. It is possible that the number cap is damaged.
  • Use the number keys at the top of the alphabet keys to enter numbers and check if they work.
  • Restart the system.

If you are unable to enter numbers in Notepad, and have a different keyboard connected to the system, try the solutions below.

1. Turn on Numlock

The number pad on most keyboards can be turned on or off. There is a special key on the keyboard. Look for the key, and tap on it. Try importing numbers from the number folder. If it worked, you can set Windows 10 to keep it locked at all times.

2. Disable scripts

If you are running scripts that will change the behavior of the keys on the keyboard, add custom keyboard shortcuts, or replace one key to another, disable them all. They may not be spelled correctly, or they may disable the number pad for operation.

3. Check Ease of access options

Make sure that Ease of access options does not prevent the pad number from working.

  1. Open the Options app with the Win + I keyboard. re- short.
  2. go to Easy access.
  3. Select the Tab mouse.
  4. Turn the Turn off ‘keyboard control’.

4. Hardware inspection

Keyboards can be physically damaged. If the number folder does not work but all the other keys are checked, check for any input detected when pressed with a keyboard test.

  1. Visit the keyboard test device here.
  2. Make sure it is locked num ie, the number pad is enabled.
  3. Tap on the keys and check that the application is looking for an input.
  4. If so an intruder is detected, an app appears to be invading with and prevents you from entering numbers. Check your startup apps or try voting in safe mode.
  5. If so no insertion found, your keys appear to be physically damaged. Try a different keyboard.


Users who are used to a number cap will find that they work without a single troubling thing. Unfortunately, with laptops, a number cap almost always means buying a laptop with a bigger screen and a bigger price tag. You can use an external keyboard with a laptop that does not have a number pad on the internal keyboard but is a cluttered solution.

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