FIXED: Laptop Won’t Connect to iPhone Hotspot (Not Working)

Smartphones can connect to the Internet through the SIM cards that connect them to a service provider. These networks and phones support 3G and 4G which is very fast and can be used, in a pin, instead of a broadband connection.

Working on a phone is not the same as working on a desktop however if you want to use your service provider’s 3G or 4G network on a Windows 10 desktop, you need to use an information site.

Modern smartphones, iPhones and Android phones, both support hotspots that allow users to create a wireless or wireless connection with a Windows 10 PC.

Laptop will not connect to iPhone Hotspot

IPhone hotspot not working?

Personal hotspot is a native feature of iOS. All you have to do is turn it on and the info site will be created. IPhone allows users to connect to its information site via WiFi and / or USB data cable.

You need to have mobile data on your iPhone, and you need to have 3G / 4G with your service provider. To connect to the site information, you need to click the WiFi icon in the system tray on Windows 10, and your iPhone will, by name, show up as an available connection.

If you are unable to connect to the iPhone’s personal information site, run through these basic checks and then try the solutions listed further below.

  • Make sure you have entered the password for the info site. The password is automatic with iOS but can be changed to anything you want. You can see the password for the iPhone handset by opening the Settings app and going to Personal Hotspot.
  • Please take a few minutes for the connection to set up and start working. It usually takes a few minutes for the internet connection to become active even after you connect to the information site.
  • Make sure you are getting good signal strength on your iPhone. Low signal strength will affect the connection quality.
  • Some service providers restrict mobile locations. You may see the feature on your iPhone but it may be blocked by your service provider. You should check if they are blocking. If they do, you may or may not be able to block it, depending on the service provider’s policies regarding fair use of the network.

What if Laptop doesn’t connect to iPhone Hotspot

If you check the above and still can’t connect to the iPhone’s personal information site, try the following.

1. Connect via USB data cable

This is a simple and reliable way to connect to the iPhone’s personal information site.

  1. Enable personal information site on your iPhone.
  2. Connect the iPhone to your Windows 10 PC via data cable.
  3. The Windows 10 PC connects to the information site. It will pop up as an Ethernet connection.

Note: make sure you are using an original Apple cable or a certified cable for the connection.

2. Forget network and reconnect

If you can connect to the personal information site but can’t access the internet on your Windows 10 PC, please forget the hotspot connection on the iPhone and reconnect.

  1. Open the Configuration application with the keyboard shortcut Win + I.
  2. go to Network & Internet.
  3. Select the WiFi tab and click Manage known networks.
  4. Select the IPhone Network and click Forget it.
  5. Reconnect to the network.

3. Rename iPhone

Windows 10 usually doesn’t have a problem with WiFi network names but with the iPhone’s hot spot, non-alphanumeric locations or characters can cause problems when you try to connect to it.

  1. Open the Options app on your iPhone / iPad.
  2. Go to General tab and tap About.
  3. Rename the iPhone so that there is no space (or times, commas, etc.).
  4. Try linking to the info site again.


He used to create a wireless or wireless information site on an iPhone (or any smartphone) a decade ago. The feature was actively blocked because networks did not have the bandwidth for it. Things have changed now and service providers usually do not prevent users from creating a hot spot on their device.

On the iPhone, it is easier and the above solutions should solve your problems.

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