How to add alternative Microsoft account to Windows 10

A Windows 10 system can be set up with a local account or a Microsoft account. With Microsoft Account, users can get more features on the OS that are not otherwise available.

If you decide to use a local account, you can still sign in for some UWP accounts using a Microsoft account, but keep your local user account. An example of this is the Microsoft Store, which requires signing in before apps can be downloaded.

Another account for UWP apps

If you use a Microsoft account on Windows 10, every UWP application you install will ask you to sign in. They automatically detect the account when you first set it up or run it.

If you want to keep a Microsoft account for your Windows 10 PC from logging in to UWP apps, but still logging in, you can set up another account that will find those apps instead .

  1. Open the Options app (Keyboard shortcut Win + I).
  2. Go to Accounts a group of situations.
  3. Select the Email tab and accounts.
  4. Scroll down to Accounts used by other application sharing.
  5. Click Add a Microsoft account.

  1. Add another Microsoft account to use apps.
  2. When the account is added, choose it.
  3. Open the fall down and select ‘Microsoft Apps Can Enter My Name’.
  4. Next you have a UWP app that asks you to sign in, you can use the other account to do that.


The second / other account only works for apps. For OS features such as OneDrive, the Microsoft account associated with your user account will be used.

You can set up more than one other account but in some cases eg when you sign in to Microsoft 365, you may not be able to use another account.

Other accounts, and their information eg connections, will appear in other apps on Windows 10 eg, they may appear in the Mail app and / or the People app.

You can remove another account whenever you want.

Some apps may use the same account associated with your user account and there is no way to get around this. You can choose not to sign into the app but nothing more.


Security is the main reason users may want to keep accounts separate; they may not trust an app or they may not trust Microsoft with the information they store in an app. Another account can also be used to design different profiles in an app, where it is supported.



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