How to enable the Game bar task manager on Windows 10

The Game Bar on Windows 10 has widgets for streaming play, viewing a list of your friends, taking screenshots, and monitoring the performance of your system, among other things other. You can also add other widgets from the Game Bar widget store although, at the moment, there are not as many widgets to choose from.

The default widgets on the Game Bar aren’t bad. The Performance widget that shows GPU and FPS usage allows users to top up the information without having to rely on third-party apps.

Game bar action manager

Microsoft may not make many changes or improvements to the Play Bar but it will also not completely forget the feature. A recent change to the Play Bar adds an action manager.

The task manager is basically the other widget that can be enabled. Unlike the usual Windows 10 Task Manager, this widget shows you which apps and services are taking a toll on your system. You can then complete an action to free up system resources.

Enable game bar action manager

To enable Game bar action manager, follow these steps.

  1. Open a game (or any other app).
  2. Tap on the Win + G keyboard shortcut. to open the Game Bar.
  3. Click on the list image to open the list of widgets.
  4. Enable the Resource widget.

  1. Wait for the widget to load apps and processes.
  2. Pin the task manager to the top by clicking on the pin icon.
  3. To skip an app, click on the close / cross button.
  4. Confirm that you want to stop it the app / process.

  1. For a more detailed view, click See more.
  2. You will be able to see CPU, GPU, RAM, and disk usage for each process.
  3. Click on a column title to sort things out with it.

Windows Task Manager vs Game Bar Action Manager

Game Bar task manager is not intended to be any kind of Windows 10 Task Manager. A cursory look at both will show you that Game Bar task manager is basic and of little use outside of managing the load on system resources when playing a game. Even then, you may switch to Windows 10 Task Manager at times.


Game Bar action manager can be pinned to the top like other Game Bar widgets so it is a useful and lightweight way to monitor your system while playing a game. It illuminates high-impact objects making it easier for you to find and kill resource-hungry processes.

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