How to find the service tag on a Windows 10 laptop

If you’re in the market for a Windows 10 laptop, you’ll go through many, and many different manufacturers. These same manufacturers will have plenty of options to offer you; varies in price, specs, and bundled software.

Unlike Macs which are only available in a limited set of configurations, Windows 10 systems come in countless modifications. To monitor these systems on their own, especially when it comes to providing support, manufacturers give them a service tag.

Service tags on a Windows 10 laptop

Each system has a unique service tag, which allows the system manufacturer to know immediately what hardware is designed on it.

A service tag has been added to the laptop maker’s website and will allow users to quickly find drivers for it, among other things.

1. Find Service tag on laptop

The easiest way to find a service tag is to look under your laptop. You’ll find a sticker that clearly states the service tag.

2. Find a service tag through Command Prompt

If you are using your laptop and do not want to turn it over to read the service tag, or if the tag is worn out, you can get the tag from Command Prompt.

  1. Prompt Open Command with normal user rights (no administrative rights required).
  2. Run this command: wmic bios get serialnumber
  3. The command returns the service tag.

3. Locate a service tag through PowerShell

You can also look up the service tag through PowerShell.

  1. Open PowerShell (administrative access not required).
  2. Run this command:wmic bios get serialnumber
  3. Note the service tag that the command will return.

4. Locate service tag through BIOS

The service tag is also written in your BIOS information. You may need to find it but it should be on the hardware summary or a similar tab.

  1. shut down your system.
  2. The power of the Forward system and tap on the F2 key. If the F2 key does not work, check the key you have to tap to access BIOS and tap on it.
  3. Go through BIOS and find the service tag.

Using a service tag

Now that you have the service tag, you can use it to get online support or find drivers for your system.

  1. Visit the the manufacturer’s website of your laptop.
  2. Enter the service tag in the designated area or when talking to a support technician.

Service tags are not transitional; you can only use a service tag for the given system. You also cannot use the service tag on the Dell system on a different non-Dell website.

Service tags, if released or stolen, will not compromise your system. Not all laptop manufacturers provide a service tag for their devices.

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