How to fix a mic that’s too quiet on Windows 10

An online meeting requires staff to get other people to talk to you. All laptops come with a built-in mic and if you’re on a desktop, you can purchase a cheap mic to connect to your system through the audio jack.

There is no need for an expensive recording studio setting or sound protection for everyday meetings. You can reduce the noise around you and that alone will suffice. Alternatively, you can also use a pair of earbuds.

Fix mic too silent on Windows 10

There will be no need to set up internal mic. Drivers for the device are installed when you install your system. They are packaged with the same drivers that the speakers use.

Unlike speakers though, you won’t find many situations for the son. There is no mute / unmute quick button on your keyboard that can be controlled. Of course, if you want a mute / unmute snap button, you’ll need an app for the job.

A common problem faced by many users with their sons is that the volume is too low and after that, they are too quiet on calls. Here are some things you can do to solve this problem.

1. Increase mic size

Windows 10 has a gauge setting for the mic which means it is possible that your mic is turned down too low.

  1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray.
  2. Choose Sounds from the table.
  3. Go to Registration tab.
  4. Double click on your son.
  5. Go to Tab levels.
  6. Use the Slide a microphone to set the volume level for the son.

2. Enable / increase mic boost

A mic boost is an hearing enhancement that is applied to the mic on top of the normal volume. If your son is still silent after you change the volume, you can enable or enable an increase.

  1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray.
  2. Choose Sounds from the table.
  3. Go to Registration tab.
  4. Double click on your son.
  5. Go to Tab levels.
  6. Increase the elevation so that the volume of your son is high enough.

3. Check the volume settings of the app

Windows 10 has volume options for kids but so do some apps. If the app you are using has audio options for your son, check if there is a special setting for the son.

  1. Access to the app settings.
  2. look for audio or device options.
  3. Look for a slip volume and raise it so far ahead.

4. Check audio device manager

Desktop / laptop manufacturers like HP and Dell install an audio control app on your system that controls volume.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. go to Hardware and sound.
  3. look for audio manager or, use Windows Search to open.
  4. Go to microphone position.
  5. Change the size level and enabling increase if there is an option for it.

5. Remove / disable virtual audio devices

If you have installed a virtual audio device eg an app that allows you to restore audio between apps, that may be why the mic is too quiet.

  1. If the virtual machine is essential to you, explore his options see if you can increase the size of a mic or increase it.
  2. If the device is not default is default, uninstall it and reassure you restart your system after.


Mic is an essential hardware component which is why it is almost always present on a laptop or desktop. The device is not getting as much software attention but that is why there is an easy-to-access options panel for the absent mic on Windows 10. There are no enhancements that work with it to turn off sound which is why users have to dig around to find the right setting for its size.

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