How to fix CPU fan is not spinning on Windows 10 PC

Hardware on a computer heats up no matter what. It heats up as it is used eg if you type in a word processor it will be warm but if you are playing a game it will get hot and if one too many tabs open in Chrome , your system will reach supernova.

To keep the system from being damaged by heat, fans are installed in the chase of the system. They are triggered by the rising temperature and will turn on if the system is too hot.

repair CPU fan without spinning

Fix CPU fan is not spinning

If your CPU fan is not working it is a major concern. Your system will eventually heat up and either shut down in response or the hardware will be damaged.

Before you trouble the fan, you should know that it should not be running all the time. It also runs at different speeds. It may not need to run (your system is not so hot) or it only runs at a slow speed (your system is warm but not hot). There are a few basic checks you can run to find out what’s going on.

  • Shut down the system. If it is on battery power, connect it to a power source and turn it on. The fans spin at the beginning of the system as part of a basic hardware analysis. Listen closely for the fans.
  • Shut down the system and switch to battery power if you can. Turn on the system and listen closely for the sound of the fans.
  • Grab the system and try to run an app as hard as you can eg run a game with a recording app like OBS. Check if the extra load is making the fans run. They should, at best, start running but if they do not start after five minutes, reduce the load or you could damage the system.

If the fan does not run through the above checks, there may be one of two problems; the fans are not working or the temperature gauge telling them when to turn on is not working.

Check out temperature boost for fans

It is possible that the temperature that causes the fans to turn on is set too high. Your system may be getting warm but not warm enough to make the fans run. There is a simple way to check this, and to find out if the temperature sensor on your system is working or not.

  1. Download, install, and run HWiNFo.
  2. Click Sensors on the main screen of the app.
  3. Click on the fan button at the bottom of the new window that opens.
  4. Choose an active fan (some systems have only one fan and others two or three).
  5. Click Set manual.
  6. Select the PCH sensor.
  7. Enter a low temperature eg 15 or 10 that your system is connected to friction even if you are using it for light work.
  8. Enter the fan speed to something high until you hear it run.
  9. Click OK to return to the main window.
  10. Click on the blue cross to save and apply the changes.
  11. Use your system and check if the fans have power. If they do, you just had to change the stimulus temperature.

Check temperature sensor

If the fans are not running even after lowering the excitation temperature, check if the temperature sensors are working. You need an app for this.

  1. Download, install, and run Speedfan.
  2. Go to Tab readings and check the temperature for CPU and GPU cores.
  3. if you don’t see reading, it is quite possible tthe sensor is not working.
  4. if you see reading, then the problem lies with the fan not running.

Hardware inspection

At this point, you are more likely to have a hardware problem. It could be one of the following;

  • A. damaged power supply unit that is incapable of empowering the fans.
  • The fans are damaged or clogged with dust and can no longer run.
  • The temperature sensor is not working.

To solve these problems, it is best to bring the system in for repair work. If you are familiar with the inside of a computer, you can examine these things yourself and replace anything that is damaged.


Fans don’t usually do easy damage but a problem with the power supply can shorten them. They are inexpensive hardware so it is less expensive to replace or replace the temperature sensor. In some cases, sensors cannot be replaced or replaced and you have to replace the CPU.

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