How to fix “You do not currently have permission to access this folder” on Windows 10

Windows 10 has a lot of system folders, and not many of them should be bothered. These packages are not hidden and may suggest that you are changing them safely. To keep the folders from being modified, they are locked behind administrative access. Only an admin user can open them.

While there are many locked folders behind admin access, you will often find that there are other folders that you cannot access even with administrative rights on the system. This usually happens because there are other users who have higher access rights on the system. These users (eg TrustedInstaller) are created by Windows 10 and own the package.

You do not currently have permission to access this folder

Fix “You do not currently have permission to access this folder”

When you see the “You do not currently have permission to receive this folder.” message, you will usually see a ‘Continue’ button with the admin badge. If you are not logged in as the admin user, do so and try to reach the folder.

If the Continue button does not work, you need to take ownership of the folder.

  1. Navigate to the folder that you want to get into.
  2. Right click the package.
  3. Choose real estate from the context menu.
  4. Go to Security tab.
  5. If your username is listed, click on the Edit button.
  6. Choose your user, and enable all permissions for him.
  7. Click Enter (applies to subfolders and tables if prompted).
  8. You will be able to now access the folder.

Username not listed

It is possible that your username is not listed on the folder properties window security button. In that case, you need to add your user manually.

  1. Tap on the Keyboard Win + R. shortcut to open the Run box.
  2. Enter two periods and tap on Enter to open the users folder.
  3. Note the the name of your user folder.
  4. Navigate to the folder you want to get in.
  5. Right click the folder and select real estate from the context menu.
  6. Go to Security tab.
  7. Click Advanced.
  8. Click ‘Change’ next to the owner’s domain.
  9. In the window that opens, enter username in the Enter the item name to select a box.
  10. Click Look at names.
  11. Click all right and then Enter.
  12. You are now own the package and you will get to it.


Restricted folder access is an additional protective cover to keep users from blocking files that they should not be disturbed by. If you use this method and need to change ownership from TrustedInstaller, be sure to change the property back. TrustedInstaller is an important, high-end user needed to keep the system running smoothly. If you do not return property, you may have problems down the line.

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